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Google will allow Tinder to use third-party payment gateways

Matching groupthe parent company of Tinder and Hinge, will receive exclusive treatment (concessions) by Google in its antitrust battle. It was yesterday afternoon when Match withdrew a restraining order after the two companies reached a temporary agreement on in-app payments, where obviously the company will be able to process payments directly without having to go through the gateway of payment from the Play Store, which implies that Google takes 30% of all the money it generates This application.

Match filed the order against Google a day after suing the company, alleging that he violated federal and state antitrust laws. Match says Google had ‘previously assured’ it could use its own payment system, but also revealed the company threatened to remove your apps from the Play Store if Match did not comply with the policy change within the time limit, by which time it was required to offer Google’s payment system as an option to its consumers.

Tinder is the company’s most popular app focused on dating apps

Under their temporary agreement, Google will allow Match apps remain in the Play Store and will not remove them for including alternative payment systems. Additionally, you have agreed to make a “good faith” effort to resolve Match’s issues regarding Google Play billing. Match, for its part, will work to offer Google’s billing system as an option to consumers.

Finally, instead of paying Google a commission for in-app purchases made outside of the company’s payment system, Match will set up a guarantee fund of 40 million dollars. Starting July 1, Match will keep the commissions it would normally owe to Google. The fund will continue until both sides go to court next April.

Following Match’s announcement, Google accused the company of issuing a “misleading” press release that “misrepresents” the terms of their agreement. The company added that he would file a counterclaim against Match for violating his Developer Distribution Agreement prior to his 2023 trial.

“Match Group’s claim that it cannot integrate Play’s billing system because it lacks key features belies the fact that Match Group has proactively and successfully used Play Billing in more than 10 of its apps (Tinder, Meetic, POF, Match, Hinge, etc.),” Google said.

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