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Google Russia to file for bankruptcy after bank account seizure

Google subsidiary in Russia to file for bankruptcy after the local authorities enter your bank account, making it impossible to pay staff and suppliers. Although it is on the verge of bankruptcy, the company has indicated that free services, such as its search engine, or YouTube, will continue to operate normally.

Google, which has suspended ad sales and most other business operations in Russia, said its free services, including Gmail, Maps, Android and Play, would continue to be available to Russian users.

The announcement comes after parent company Alphabet came under pressure in Russia for months for failing to remove content the government considers illegal, in addition to restricting some Russian media’s access to YouTube. the consequences after months.

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“The seizure by Russian authorities of Google Russia’s bank account has rendered the operation of our office in the country unsustainable, including the hiring and payment of Russian-based employees, the payment of suppliers and vendors, and compliance other financial obligations,” a Google spokesperson said. “Google Russia has issued a notice of its intention to file for bankruptcy.”

A television channel owned by a sanctioned Russian businessman said in April that the bailiffs had seized 1 billion rubles ($15 million) at google for failing to restore access to its YouTube account, but this is the first time the US tech giant has said its entire bank account has been seized. In the database of the Federal Marshals Service of Russia there are two embargoes since mid-March, without specifying the amounts, as well as other fines and enforcement costs. The service confirmed that seized assets and property from Google.

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