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God of War Ragnarok employees are harassed by fans

God of the war This is a video game franchise that has generated a lot of excitement, even in its infancy in the days of the PlayStation 2. However, ever since God of War arrived in 2018 and now its sequel God of War Ragnarok, the hype has been through the roof. In this case, it is not something positive, because it was seen a toxic behavior from the fans to the developers for the delay of god of war ragnarok.

Studio Sony Santa Monica, the development team of the God of War saga, had to issue a statement to end a situation that was spiraling out of control. This happened due to delay of the next after, God of War Ragnarok, whose release date was going to be revealed last week, although it didn’t turn out that way in the end. With a delay of the supposed date, the community fans of the game there seem to be madas we will see now.

Estelle Tigani mentions having received photos of penises in exchange for revealing the date of the match

So, as we read, Estelle Tigani, producer of the cinematics of God of War, expressed himself on Twitter. She herself gives a pro tip, that sending pictures of their penises won’t let them know the truth. release date from God of War Ragnarok. In fact, he is surprised that this technique has ever worked for them. Given this, the designer and writer of God of War Ragnarok, Cory Barlogenraged and questioned about his team.

What Fans of the game itself, this behavior is totally inappropriate and only demonstrates a toxic attitude in the direction of workers by Sony Santa Monica Studio. Thus, he adds that the developers are giving everything to be able to create a video game that the community, fans and consumers will be able to enjoy. How far did we have to go, even if Twittereverything remains anonymous most likely.

Unless their names become available and they are exposed in some way, thereby revealing to the public who the harassers have been.

God of War Ragnarok is set to release in November this year

God of War Ragnarok November 2022

Faced with the failure of June 30thwhere many thought that Sony Santa Monica Studio would reveal the date when God of War Ragnarok would be released, the community is eager to know the Date real. The only thing we know for sure is that it will come. This year, during the last quarter, which even Cory Barlog confirmed. In addition, it must be taken into account that COVID-19 and the rehabilitation of the actor who plays Kratos, Christopher Judgeincreased game development time.

God of War Ragnarok delays harassed workers

Even with that, Jason Schreierjournalist for Bloomberg, confirms that there will be no more delays of God of War Ragnarok and therefore, November 2022 is a very likely date. However, he said this before learning of the insults and harassment the developers received, which reaffirmed his message. Now, each time a worker receives a Death threat from a player, God of War Ragnarok will be delayed 1 weekso it will never come out sale.

“Every person in Studio Santa Monica work to create a game that we feel prouda game that we hope you will enjoy playing once released,” the statement read.

“Our fans inspire us and we understand the passion and your desire to know more. But this passion must not be toxic or come at the expense of the dignity of any human being.”

Sony’s studio added: “Let’s celebrate our community by treating each other, all gamers and developers, with respect“.

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