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Like every Thursday we have an appointment at Epic Games Storehaving these three free games to be able to claim, and these relate to the Geneforge 1 – Mutagenthe Hood: Outlaws and Legendsand the Iratus: Lord of the Dead. You can claim them from the following linkor before you do, you can find out what each game is about after the jump.

Geneforge 1 - Free Mutagen, Hood: Outlaws & Legends and Iratus: Lord of the Dead

Geneforge 1 – Mutagen is a unique, open-ended fantasy adventure set in a strange new world. You are part of the Shapers, magicians with the awesome power to create life. Do you want a tool, a trap, an army? You call it into existence. You create powerful beasts and they fully obey you. Usually.

At least, that’s how it’s supposed to be. You have been stranded on a forbidden island, filled with the powerful and lost secrets of your people. Invaders are there too, trying to steal and dominate your knowledge. Compete with them for the incredible treasures hidden here. And destroy the thieves. Or join them.

As they face a state of ruthless misrule, rebels and rogues from all corners fight to claim their place among legends. To gain influence among the underdog, rival gangs clash in fearless heists to hit the rich where it hurts. Hero of the people or outlaw who seeks nothing but gold… Only the best will walk away with a fortune for their efforts.

Gather your team of outlaws and try to steal treasure from an oppressive government in a dark and violent medieval world.

In Iratus: Lord of the Death, you play as Iratus, a necromancer who has just escaped from his old prison and who will fight for the forces of darkness.

You control a loyal undead army with skeletons, zombies, banshees and many more among their undead warrior ranks. Create soldiers the only way a necromancer knows how: from the body parts of fallen enemies!

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