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GALAX denies selling used graphics as new

The graph assembler GALAXY (KFA2 on this side of the world, and GALAXY only in China) issued an official statement on Chinese site IT Home in the face of accusations that repackaged used or refurbished graphics cards to sell them as if they were new when signs were found in the very gold pins of the PCI-Express interface. The company has insisted that all the graphics cards it sells are completely new, alleging that the unfounded indications, and that the wear of the gold connectors of the PCI-Express interface are attributable the wear it may experience during the product testing process.

These accusations came when a reader of the website himself purchased a GALAX GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Metal Master OC on Taobao. The user had already read other complaints, so he did not open the anti-static bag that protected the graphic until he had checked that everything was correct.

To do this, he simply looked through to look for signs of wear on the connectors that would reveal that the graphics card had been mounted in a computer before, and it was, there were signs that the chart had already been installed on at least one system showing scratches and “black marks” on the gold contacts. After that, the user returned the console and posted images on the web to give truth to these rumors that the graphics were used (although the images provided were of poor quality and nothing was visible).

GALAX / KFA2 GeForce RTX 3080 Ti HoF
GALAX / KFA2 GeForce RTX 3080 Ti HoF

When GALAX became aware of these complaints, it began looking for this graphics card for analysis, determining that said graphics card, returned still unboxed, had a very recent manufacturing date, April 19, 2022while in the test they found no performance issues, so the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti performed as expected.

After that, the Nvidia Premium builder explained that “Thorough testing of the graphics card before shipping may cause the product’s gold connections to wear out“. This explains the scratches on the gold connectors, but not the black marks which could be the oxidation itself, which takes a long time to happen. Obviously this is what GALAX said and not someone an outsider to the company. The company is so confident in what it is doing with its products that threatened to take legal responsibility with these people who continue to provide inaccurate or false information.

In response to recent complaints of abnormal golden pins on our GALAXY brand graphics cards, we take them seriously and have coordinated with responsible departments to issue a product test report, which proves that the product belongs to our original graphics cards.

We apologize to users who misunderstand the scratches and color of the product before shipment. We are always honest with our customers and never spare our products. “Professionalism, dedication and respect” are the beliefs to which the GALAXY brand has always adhered.

After careful consideration and personal reflection, we will continue to strengthen the quality control standards of our production line. In addition, we solemnly promise that there are no cases of refurbished or used products among our entire product line, and all GALAXY products sold by agents and resellers through regular channels enjoy comprehensive after-sales service and quality assurance of official GALAXY products.

We are willing to accept advice and oversight from regulatory authorities, the media and consumers.

Finally, we remind you that the Internet is not an illegal place and that GALAXY reserves the right to demand legal liability for inaccurate statements and for the continued fabrication and dissemination of false information..

Thank you all for your attention and support for GALAXY!

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