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Full-Tower Premium which costs 495 euros

Antec announced the launch of its most ambitious chassis launched to date, cannondesigned for the most demanding player who is not afraid of dust, because he uses a semi-open design seasoned with plenty of aluminum and tempered glass so you can see everything inside your system.

With very generous dimensions of 604 x 261 x 481mmwe are facing a chassis that supports the motherboards E-ATXallows you to install your high-end graphics card in the front or on the side (includes PCIe 4.0 riser), a power supply up to 270 mm deep, and despite its generous dimensions, it only supports air-cooled CPU coolers with maximum height 85mmand is that it is more designed to use water cooling systems.

“The Antec Cannon is an open-air E-ATX gaming chassis that lets you design your PC layout to your heart’s content. With dual-GPU mounting options, highly flexible space for high-end PC components, two individual custom water cooling system packages and support for three simultaneous radiators, Antec Cannon allows power users to showcase the world of their dream PC systems.”

Canon Antec

The proof is that a radiator can be installed up to 360mm long x 45mm thick at the front, 360x60mm on the side and 420x45mm out back, so it’s really meant for custom liquids to take advantage of all that clearance. In terms of fans, you can fit 3x 120mm in the front, 6x 120mm in the side, and 3x 120/140mm in the back.

The information of the Canon Antec comes with space to install 3.5″ + 2x 2.5″ storage drive, tempered glass is 4mm thickoffers an I/O panel with access to a USB-C 3.1 + 2x USB 3.0, weighs 10 kilograms, and is priced 495 €which is really very high considering other similar solutions on the market, and that even factory fans are not offered.

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