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From 2023, you will no longer be able to install Windows 11 if you don’t have an SSD

It seems that the useful life of the HDDs comes to your to endor at least that’s how you want to go microsoft. According to an industry report by Trendfocus, future Windows 11 PCs and laptops will require a SSD. With this, Microsoft gives a blow to all users who, for economic or space reasons, do not have an SSD hard drive.

A recent report by analytics firm Trendfocus reports that Microsoft has put pressure on OEM abandon hard drives in favor of SSD. Specifically, this advisory focuses on systems with Windows 11, making it clear that going forward there will be obligatory use solid-state hard drives.

Microsoft will force the use of SSD in Windows 11, it’s time to ditch the HDD

Windows 11 Solid State Drive

It looks like it will be time to transfer data from your old HDD to a future SSD, at least if you want to use the Windows 11 operating system. The curious thing comes when, seeing the terms hardware from Microsoft for the latest version of its OS, there is only a “storage device of 64 GB or more”. Therefore, we can blow, because this measure was not applied immediately.

In fact, according to Microsoft, the SSD requirement will apply from 2023, as boot disk of the system. That said, we’d be left without support for traditional hard drives, cd’s or the popular USB as bootable media. Quite a disaster from Microsoft, as many users continue to use USB drives or hard drives as primary drives in Windows.

And it is that, we have been almost since the beginning of Windows 11 with many problems and requirements to meet. This seems to be the first OS where Windows has decided to take the reins and impose a series of rules and conditions that do not favor us.

We must follow the rules if we want to have WIN 11

Microsoft Windows 11 standards

Unlike Windows 10, its successor is a system with a large number of rules to follow if we want everything to work properly. Upon its release in October 2021Microsoft has already announced that it will be mandatory to have TPM 2.0 to install Windows 11. TPM or Trusted Platform Module is a microcontroller dedicated hardware that protects the hardware using embedded cryptographic keys.

This means that we had to have this security chip in our computer, even before installing the operating system itself. Fortunately, the TPM is usually installed on the base plate from our PC, now it can come disabled tissue. Here, we already had the first headache and it is that we could not have it or in the other case, it is necessary to activate it.

Now we return to the present and the request for SSD, something that we link directly to the NVMe Yes Direct storage. The latter is the recently released Microsoft API that establishes transfers of Data of SSD to GPUs, without using the CPU. Thanks to this, it would be possible shorter charging times in games, in addition to favoring the speed of its assets.

No one can deny the enormous advantage offered by a SSD in front of a hard drive, it’s like night and day in terms of ease general. However, we can only wonder about the reason for this decision. It is completely normal to advance technologically, but millions of people cannot follow this path. While it is true that SSD prices are falling more and more, they cost Come in 2 and 3 times more … than Hard disk.

For now we can bear Windows 10 as an alternative, but what will happen when they drop support for WIN 10? Only Microsoft has the answer, since it announces itself the path it takes and we decide to follow it or not.

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