A curious news comes to us from France, and it is that the French Academy has denounced the popularity of using English words on public roadshe therefore warns that if this continues, his language will eventually be degraded by the terms in English.

This is why the Ministry of Culture has put the magnifying glass about the gaming industryalleging that it is riddled with Anglicisms which may suppose “an obstacle to understanding“for non-gamers. That’s why they want this type of slang to be said in French, giving as an example that a “professional player“say ‘professional gamer’, even though the funniest part comes when you stop saying”streamerfor “live player-host”.

France and video games
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Other terms that will have to use an official alternative in French are le CloudGamingwhich will now be “cloud video game”, while the “eSportswill be translated as “competitive video game.” The ministry said experts had searched video game websites and magazines to see if any French terms already existed. The general idea, according to the ministry, is allow people to communicate more easily.

Although it is not illegal for French citizens to use English terms, officials they can no longer use them in an official capacity.

via: TheGuardian