foxcon Seems like he saw it’s the right time enter the semiconductor business, and to this end, the company is expected to announce a joint venture in Malaysia. Recall that the company has owned semiconductor factories since 2016, when it acquired Sharp and ended up with an 8-inch wafer factory in the Japanese city of Fukuyama.

Foxconn has also tried to buy another 8-inch factory in Malaysia in 2020, although in August last year it managed to buy Taiwanese non-volatile memory maker Macronix, giving it access to production of mass of 6 inch pads.

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According to local sources, Foxconn has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the company Big Innovation Holding Limited (BIH). The memorandum of understanding refers to the construction of a 12-inch factoryallowing it to focus on manufacturing chips using manufacturing processes from 40 to 28 nm.

It is possible that these chips are intended various electric vehicle projects in which Foxconn participates and would be a less risky way to enter the semiconductor market for the company, which is expected to start operations with a production of 40,000 platelets per month. Now, we will just have to wait for this agreement to see the light and all the details on the cost, the manufacturing time and the use of the wafers will be revealed.

via: Focus Taiwan | TechPowerUp