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Guide: Five Smart Ways To Save Money While Gaming

Guide: Five Smart Ways To Save Money While Gaming


There is no doubt that gaming is quite an expensive affair. Dedicated gamers who call one or the other game their hobby will invest large sums of money in hardware, the games themselves and any monthly costs such as subscriptions. The passion can get into the money, but that doesn’t detract from the fun.

However, there are numerous tips and tricks to save a lot of money with gaming and, thus, expensive computer games. This guide, therefore, shows the five most well-known tactics and approaches.

Buy and sell used video games.

When gamers buy a new game, it can cost them a lot of money. However, older versions of the game are often offered at significant discounts on Amazon, eBay and other online shops. Players can thus save 10 to 20 euros per game, and it is a possibility that should be kept in mind.

However, this approach may require a little patience. New games usually take a few months to be offered as used goods. In addition, the prices for popular games tumble only very slowly. And yet, if you wait long enough, you can save a lot of money.

As an indication of the purchase of used games, it should be noted that buyers should test the games on existing hardware. Imported games should therefore only be purchased if it has been ensured that they work correctly.

Buy games in a bundle.

Buy games in bulk? Yes. Buying in bulk is a common approach to saving money on various products. So why shouldn’t this work for fun as well? The trick is to discover exciting bundles offered at reasonable prices.

Gamers can start buying games in bulk from HumbleBundle. The provider has many game packages, and customers can pay whatever they want for the collections. You can also purchase other items, and HumbleBundle changes bundles every few weeks. Players can get excellent bargains like this. Other online providers like Fanatical, IndieGala, and Itch.io offer bi-weekly package discounts that allow customers to save money on more games. There are also some offers on GOG or Steam with a bit of luck.

Mobile gaming

For the last half-decade or more, the mobile gaming industry has been saturated with free games, and most of them have used a dubious business idea called “freemium”. However, this does not mean that premium titles and thus decent games have disappeared from the market.

Users with an Apple iPhone or Google Android cell phone have free access to many good games in the US company app stores, which can be downloaded either free of charge or a full version. The hardware no longer plays a crucial role today, as mobile, console and PC games are often merged with crossplay.

Another type of game should appeal to fans of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Gaming has heard. There are many bitcoin games on the internet, and Gamers can play these games and even earn Bitcoin or Bitqt.

Games like Bitcoin Miner also allow users to mine Bitcoins and explore the world virtually. You can also trade the items in-game, and the best option is that they can redeem the bitcoin code to get free rewards in this game.

Game subscription services

If gamers wait a month before the price drops before buying a new game, they can save money. However, if they can’t stay, game streaming subscription services are an affordable option to experience the latest games instantly.

If gamers can’t wait to buy a particular game, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate might also be a good choice. Xbox cloud gaming is also included so that you can play many of your favourite Xbox games on Android.

Try free games

Free games don’t have to be wrong; on the contrary: numerous modern top titles are offered as free downloads. Popular games like Spellbreak and Team Fortress 2, multiplayer battle royale games like Apex Legends and Fortnite, and e-sports games like Dota 2 and League of Legends can be played free.

Free games can be found all over the internet, but Steam, in particular, has an extensive portfolio of exciting free games. Gamers can test and play games for free but should avoid the mostly abundant microtransactions, at least in the initial phase.

Final Thoughts

Gamers can save good money and still enjoy premium games by using the outlined tactics. It’s possible to play the games they like while rarely paying the total price, but it’s only possible if they have a little patience and use the right services. However, it would help if you kept in mind that many modern games will continue to try to make money out of the user’s pocket even after purchase. Experienced players usually have no problem with this and know what they are doing, but beginners should be careful not to spend so much money on subscriptions or in-app offers.

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