Unsurprisingly between the two, in a few minutes AMD’s keynote will begin, in which there will be many announcements, such as the new family of processors AMD Ryzen 7000what a first new architecture (zen4), manufacturing process (5nm), plug (AM5) and some motherboards based on AMD X670E, X670 and B650 chipsets.

If there are no surprises, the high-end processor should remain in the 16 cores with 32 processing threadsalthough the biggest surprise is that these processors now will incorporate integrated graphics based on AMD RDNA2 architecture. Additionally, there will be new APUs for laptops, and who knows if the company will reveal details about the next generation of HEDT and server processors, let alone its next generation of GPUs. Don’t forget to set Disqus from newest to oldest comments to use as your real-time chat.