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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is exclusive to PS5 “due to the speed of its SSD”

Square-Enix revealed why Final Fantasy 7 Revival will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 (and PC) and it won’t come to the PlayStation 4something quite curious when the clean Final Fantasy 7 Remake it came to the PlayStation 4 first in 2020, and more so when they indicate that this game will not come to the PS4 because it is designed for SSD of your next generation console.

During an interview with the Japanese publication Gamer, the producer of Final Fantasy 7 RemakeKitase said there were several factors involved in the decision not to release the game for PlayStation 4.

“It’s exclusive to PlayStation 5 for graphics quality, of course, as well as SSD access speed,” he said.

“Given the adventure is set in a vast post-Escape Midgar world, the loadout tension is an extreme bottleneck. We felt we needed PlayStation 5 specs to overcome this and navigate comfortably through the world.”

Final Fantasy 7 Revival

During the presentation of the PlayStation 5 hardware, the company and its partners, such as Unreal Engine, made a big focus on the SSDwhich could not only affect load times, but fundamentally change the way game developers build their worlds for exclusive PlayStation 5 games by not relying on the hard drives used in older consoles like the PlayStation Four.

Since before its release in 2020, the PS5’s SSD has positioned itself as Sony’s flagship feature for the next generation of consoles, with architect Mark Cerny calling the storage drive “a real game changerWhile the Xbox Series X | S has an SSD, Final Fantasy VII Remake has not yet been announced for the Microsoft console, likely due to an exclusivity agreement.

Now yes, it will be interesting compare graphically the remake of Final Fantasy VII with the Rebirth of Final Fantasy VII, since it smells like a pretext, and even more if the PC version can be run from hard driveSure.

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