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FIFA 23 will not include any Russian teams or their selection

The war between Russia and Ukraine it caused a large number of sanctions against Putin’s country and many brands and companies ceased to operate there. This is how the support for ukraine and the opposition to russia in this active war for more than 4 months. This has also reached video games, as with an EA Sports which decided that will not include any equipment of the Russian national team they don’t either russian clubs in FIFA 23.

Barely a week after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, EA Sports has decided eliminate russian players and russian team of FIFA 22. It was the first time the company participated in Politics and decided to take the side of solidarity to Ukraine. Although it was a natural decision, given the fact that UEFA decided to exclude all Russian teams from international competitions. Now EA Sports has done it again, but this time without including them directly in their FIFA 23 game.

EA Sports sides with Ukraine and won’t include Russian football teams in its game

EA Sports FIFA 23 Ukraine Support

The company decides the way of peace and the support for ukraine and instead of including teams and then deleting them as happened with FIFA 22, there won’t be any more directly. So in FIFA 23 they save themselves the work it would take to implement Russian teams and national teams. This implies a cut from the previous titles of the saga which had the Russian national team with their teams and even the Russian Premier League.

This decision will probably be accepted worldwide except for Russian citizens, who will not see their players or clubs in the game. Although perhaps, the absence of these in FIFA 23 also affects anyone who just wants to play with these teams and players and does not agree with the decision. There’s a crowd for everything, but there’s no denying that Russia has been shut out of real and virtual tournaments.

FIFA 23 will be the last game in the saga and will arrive on September 30

FIFA 23 Definitive Edition September release

In case you didn’t know, EA Sports didn’t renew the official license because it increased its price significantly. Thus, the launch of FIFA 23 without the Russian football teams becomes the last game we will know from the FIFA franchise. This should reach pc the September 30even if you can play anticipated three days before if you bought the Definitive Edition.

We talk like that, to spend a huge €89.99 in the said edition in order to be able to play from September 27 and get this extra content:

  • player item FIFA Ultimate Team Pledges untransferable.
  • 4600 FIFA Points.
  • Obtain an untradeable Week 1 Squad Player Item.
  • Article loaned by Kylian Mbappé for 5 matches.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team 3 Match Loan Player Ambassador Selection Item
  • Local talent in career mode.
  • A player element FIFA World Cup Heroes™ temporary non-transferable (only if Reservations heto the definitive edition before August 22)

According to regular editionIt will cost no less than €69.99 and will also give us these rewards:

  • Team of the Week 1 untradeable player item.
  • Loan object of Kylian Mbappe for 5 FUT matches.
  • FUT Loan Ambassador Player Pick Item for 3 FUT matches.
  • Local Talent in Career Mode: A young local talent with world-class potential.

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