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FIFA 23 removes Russian teams but brings back loot boxes

As we said a few weeks ago, the last football match of EA SportsFIFA 23, decided not to include the Russian national team after due to the war Come in Russia and Ukraine. Therefore, it was thought that there could be more changes, to satisfy the public and the critics, especially on a very controversial subject, the loot boxes. Unfortunately, this was not the case, FIFA 23 will be the last of the FIFA franchisebut it will bring back the loot boxes.

With FIFA 23, the collaboration of electronic arts with the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA), thus being the last game with this name. As the last game in the franchise, big changes or something new were expected. However, everything seems to continue as we know it, because with FIFA 23 we have loot boxes again. It seemed that EA Sports was going to withdraw them, to please its users and also to face the criticism generated by their use, but it will not be so.

FIFA 23 will have loot boxes and EA says players love them

FIFA 23 Microtransactions Loot Boxes

Apparently EA Sports’ decision to bring back loot boxes in the form of packets of FUT Packs in his next game is based on that’s something positive. And it is that EA ensures that the packs and microtransactions they will return in FIFA 23 as they have been part of the game for over a decade and are beloved by players. He further adds that fans love what these packs offer, as they make the game feel like the real world, giving the ability to build and manage a team of players. Under this argument, EA guarantees that keeping loot boxes in your game to give this option to all players who want to pay for them is something just.

Bringing back loot boxes, something many fans thought would be removed from the game, EA is going back to its old ways of making a bigger profit in its FIFA 23. Of course, it defends its decision by assuring that they don’t. encourage the payment of loot boxes, ensuring that everything can be won by playing. But of course we go back to the same theme that surrounds other games, which is that this type of system encourages random playwhich can affect young players and even create addiction. We have already spoken at length on this subject and even on the prohibition the same in various countries.

Loot boxes are common in free games, but the EA game costs 69.99

FIFA 23 Loot Box Prize Rewards

When we talk about the free gamesi.e. those that are available to play for free, we understand that they have microtransactions. And that’s it, it’s a way to be able to earn and cover the development and maintenance costs of the title. Thus, we find many examples of free to play games where we have loot boxes and we understand that this is the option chosen for Generate income. However, FIFA 23 is not one of them, as its regular edition Cost €69.99 and although it gives us a series of rewards, the game is not exactly cheap.

To add insult to injury, the Definitive Editionwhich will be available in preview 3 days before its release, will cost €89.99. The latter will add other rewards such as 4600 FIFA Points or a promising FIFA Ultimate Team player. talking about the new FIFA UltimateTeamEA says there will be a new currency called starswhich can be used for redeem it for players and boosters. And, FIFA Ultimate Team has generated a lot of money with its loot box system based on the FUT pack. In fact, EA claims this system is exceptionally strong globally, and player engagement has increased 40% year-over-year.

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