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It’s not a fad as such, it’s a trend that many see and is here to stay. One after another, manufacturer after manufacturer, are releasing new keyboards with formats such as the so-called 60%. These models are very compact and have multiple virtues, which you surely know, but if we also add the best of current technology as it has steel series… Well, a real bomb comes out as a TOP device like the new Apex Pro Mini.

All manufacturers want to differentiate themselves and when one of them leads the way and the others see that the strategy works, they all rush to follow it to increase sales and give the user what he asks for. We are in this situation now and that is why we see the proliferation of wonders like the one that this brand has just presented.

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini: Taking OmniPoint 2.0 Technology to the Next Level


If you haven’t felt the difference between a low-end keyboard and a high-end keyboard on your own PC, these features and improvements might sound like marketing, but nothing could be further from the truth. And it is that if what you are looking for is to improve your performance in your favorite game or games to the extreme, you need the most important input device to be up to the task and that is that’s where the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini comes in.

Being 11 times faster in terms of keystrokes and 10 times faster at the point of actuation than standard switch mechanical keyboards like Cherry MX or GateronThis keyboard has amazing features:


  • Switches with technology Omni Point 2.0i.e. state-of-the-art magnetic sensors with the resulting higher speed mentioned above.
  • Total and personalized adjustment of the switches independently. Can be calibrated from 0.2mm to 3.8mmkey by key.
  • 2 in 1 function, in addition to what is named, each key is able to be programmed with two different accesses thanks to the calibration in two sections. A high calibration and a low calibration allow this wonder for each key, so the same keycap can have two spells, or two functions, fully programmable and adjustable to our liking.
  • 60% factor. Just by looking at the images, we can see that this factor is palpable. You may or may not like being so compact, but the freedom it gives you on the desk is insane, a matter of taste.


  • Keys PBT dual shot. The best on the market, many manufacturers have separate kits and SteelSeries includes them in stock. These are the best keycaps in touch and durability, wonderful.
  • alloy frame aircraft grade aluminum. This is something already common in the premium and high-end keyboard industry. It brings rigidity, lightness and an exquisite touch. In the case of this SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini, we have an alloy used in the jets, so it is of the highest quality in the aerospace industry.
  • reclining feet In height. Simple, three different positions with their three levels called: zero, medium or high.

Not enough with all that? well there is more to see


These specs are already so TOP they can propel this model to the podium today, but it has even more aces up its sleeve. We continue with the fact that it is wireless, wireless for purists, but at the same time it can be connected by cable if desired.

SteelSeries proprietary technology called Quantum Wireless 2.0 takes care of freeing us from said USB cable to a connection or through 2.4GHz or by Bluetooth 5.0. This leaves us with a lot of different connection possibilities, from a console to a smartphone for example.

Finally, and how could it be otherwise, you will have a complete RGB system customizable from your software. Finally, SteelSeries has offered its price, but not the availability of this Apex Pro Mini in stores, so we can only hope to see it in your favorite point of sale with a cost of €199.99.

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