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External SSD with touch screen and hardware encryption

Kingston announced the launch of the IronKey Vault Privacy 80 (VP80ES), a curious external SSD that has with a touch screen with which to be able to add a password of 6 to 64 characters to access the information stored inside, which is encrypted with 256-bit XTS-AES encryption as well as the FIPS 197 certificate, which certifies that it uses the advanced encryption standard.

Available in three variants of 480, 960 and 1920 GB capacity, the drive achieves read and write speeds of up to 250 MB/s, using USB-C 3.2 Gen1 @ USB-A connectivity to connect to Windows, Linux, macOS and Chrome OS devices. If you are curious about its price, it has not been disclosed.

Kingston IronKey Vault Privacy 80

In addition to ease of use and hardware encryption, the Seagate IronKey Vault Privacy 80 (80VP80ES) offers additional data protection features such as multiple password option (administrator/user) with PIN modes /passphrase and configurable password rules. With the Admin option, choose between Numeric PIN or Passphrase modes, set configurable password rules or enable extended security options such as maximum number of shared password attempts, minimum password length password from 6 to 64 characters, alphanumeric password rules, automatic timeout to lock the drive, touch screen shuffle and Secure-Erase to ensure maximum protection of your important files.

The administrator password can be used to restore data and gain access if the user password is forgotten. For added peace of mind, the VP80ES’ brute force attack protection wipes the disk if the admin and user passwords are entered incorrectly 15 times in a row by default.

However, don’t be afraid to forget your password: using the “space” character can make it easier to remember a passphrase such as a list of words, a memorable quote or the lyrics of a song. favourite. Alternatively, the PINpad can be used to unlock the VP80ES, just like you would on a mobile device. To reduce failed login attempts and frustration, press the “eye” button to see the entered password. The VP80ES comes with a neoprene travel case and two USB 3.2 Gen 1 adapter cables to easily connect to computers and other USB Type-C 2 or Type-A compatible devices, making it the perfect companion that enables productivity and portable convenience when you need security. data and content on the go.

“As more and more people continue to work from home and outside of corporate firewalls, we want to provide easy-to-use military-grade security options for small and medium-sized businesses to complement our existing encrypted USB drives,” said Richard Kanadjian, Crypto Business Manager for Kingston. “The IronKey Vault Privacy 80 does just that. Between the color touchscreen, the myriad of security features, and its small form factor, users can truly control their data in their own hands.”

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