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Europe Prevents Changing Wi-Fi Router Firmware or Country to Avoid DFS

Europe will force manufacturers of Wi-Fi routers to ban the installation of firmware or change of router country. Thus, they will prevent users from skipping DFS Protection, which interferes with weather radar signals. With the new regulations, Wi-Fi power will be limited to 40mW in Vehiclesbut the drone they will win, since they can use 4 Wi-Fi channels.

In the past and for many years, we have used the networks 2.4GHz Wi-Fiwhich had a fairly long range, but also a lower gear and is much more likely to interference. This all changed when the networks 5GHz Wi-Fiwhich gave us a higher connection speed and less interference, but at a high cost in terms of range.

You can bypass the DFS protection of a WiFi router by changing the country or the firmware

Wi-Fi Interference Radar AEMET Band 5 GHz

This 5 GHz band has gone through several regulations and now receives one more, which further limits its possibilities. And it is that the group has a total of 19 Wi-Fi channelssome of which offer us a higher power shows and more more coverage. However, the problem is that the router has to drop these channels if there is a risk of interference.

And so it is with the mechanism. DFS That is dynamic frequency selection, which is responsible for automatically selecting a frequency that does not interfere with radar systems. This is mandatory in Europe and this is what causes a router to take a long time to be operational or to lose connection near a airport That is Weather station. However, it is very easy to avoid, since we can Change country and select one do not force to use DFSlike India or Russia.

On the other hand, we can install unofficial firmware on our WiFi routers that allow disable DFS. Indeed, we can access illegal channels What channel 14 Of the band 2.4GHz or the channels 161 and 173 Of the band 5GHzwhich can interfere with the systems of electronic toll What Via-T. Regarding the interference created by changing countries or installing firmware in our WiFi router, we can see them in the image of the AEMET radar, which is affected.

Drones will be able to use the first 4 channels of the 5 GHz band

Drones 4 Channel Wi-Fi Outdoors Vehicles Access

The new regulations for 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks will also affect the use of network channels. Although before we could only use the first four channels indoors, they can now be used in exterior as long as it is a fixed installation. In addition, drones will be able to use these 4 channels, something that was not possible before.

The good news is that they are the ones that include the most Wi-Fi networks in the world. urban environmentstherefore the drone You can access many of them. The bad news is that now the drones will be a new compatible device, which can connect without problems. Finally, let’s say that we can also access WiFi channels in train cars and carsalthough the power will be limited to 40 mW.

This could create a network saturation situation, with more and more devices able to connect to it. And if we theorize, we might see situations that end up fining drivers for excessive network usage or breaking the system again, like installing firmware in WiFi routers.

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