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EU forces Amazon to facilitate Prime cancellation in Europe

Anyone who has ever shopped on Amazon recognizes their method of subscription called Amazon Prime. While this gets you Prime Video, Prime Gaming, and free shipping (among other perks), canceling the service itself becomes very tedious. Therefore, the European Union forced Amazon to simplify the process in Europeto be able cancel amazon prime with only 2 clicks.

The European Commission has enacted a change that will benefit Amazon Prime customers in Europe, including countries in the European Economic Area (EEA). In this document, you agree that Amazon will simplify the process for canceling the Prime subscription service. This will be launched on July 1st and aims to end the multiple pages What did they give?entertaining informationto consumers. This is great news for users who have chosen the 30 days free of Prime and wish give short.

Amazon Prime change is due to complaints about lack of transparency in willingness to cancel

Undo the transparency of old Amazon Prime processes

This new measure follows several complaints from consumer groups belonging to the European Union. Among them, the Norwegian Consumer Councilwhich produced a long report on the lack of transparency offered by the process of cancelation from Amazon Prime. This was done in January 2021, where they showed several screenshots of the cancellation process. Here, a number of pages were displayed for the user to visit, with too much information, buttons and options to choose from.

“The consumers They must be able to exercise their rights without any form of pressure from the platforms,” said the justice commissioner, Didier Reynders, it is a statement. “One thing is clear: the design manipulator or “dark patterns” should be banned.”

According to them, this showed little transparency when it comes to how to cancel Amazon Prime service. They also added that he used “manipulative design techniques” and unclear patterns.

Amazon will facilitate the process in Europe, but avoids talking about its implementation in the United States

Download the simplified 2-step Amazon Prime process

It is clear that in the EU we will receive this simplification to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime. However, when Amazon was asked if these changes would also be applied in the United States, it did not mention anything about it. And that’s it, it would be something very inequitable to be able to cancel Amazon Prime by Spain in two stepwhile Latin America or the United States has to go through the whole process.

“Transparency and trust of the clients are our top priorities,” the spokesperson said. Bradley Mattinger in an emailed statement. “For patternwe did it Sure and easy for customers to register and cancel their membership from the first.

I applaud Amazon’s commitment to streamlining its practices to allow consumers to low free and easily,” Reynders said in a statement.

Time will tell if in the end a solution similar to the European one is implemented or if they continue with the tedious method. That said, these changes in favor of simplifying the termination of service will come computers, smart phones Yes tablets. On the other hand, the future Digital Services Law (DSA) will impose bans around the use of dark patterns and sections without transparency for the user.

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