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Epic will work with Sony to improve KOF XV’s input lag on PS5

Although the PlayStation 5 is currently a high-end and capable console in its field, it is not without its problems. Twitter and YouTube users tested the input lag (entry delay) using various consoles and in different fighting games with the engine unreal engine, where they discovered that games like KOF XV needed to improve in concert with SONY and Epic Games.

Games like Guilty Gear Strive or Street Fighter V did not present too catastrophic results, although the same cannot be said for The King of Fighters XV (King of Fighters XV). The input lag measured in said game on a console playstation5 produces the worst result, approximately 91ms/5.66 frames dropped. To give us an idea of ​​these figures, with steady 30fps we have a frame of 33.3ms so the feeling of over 90 must be pretty boring.

Epic Games and SONY for KOF XV and other games, can they improve them?

In fighting games, input lag is extremely important, as it is a very competitive online genre. In fact, you could say that with the internet connection, these are the main factors that make the difference between winning, excluding the player’s experience, of course.

If we analyze the tweet that publishes the results of input lag measured on different consoles with the KOF XV game, we see absurdly high results for the console playstation5. With a value of 90.67 ms of input lag, almost double the 53.30 ms of a Xbox Series X at 120Hz and worse than that, the PlayStation 4 Pro last generation has 68.66 ms, a 24% less input lag.

If we continue to calculate this latency in ms to dropped frames, we see that the Xbox platform has the least and is the one that offers more stable and fluid results; with about 3.3/3.7 lost frames. Whereas there is also the Xbox series S in this range, the results are surprising compared to Sony. Something that is clear to us is that it is not due to power as a PlayStation 5 is noticeably faster than an Xbox Series S, although not knowing the root cause we can find out little.

The frustration of the players was such that several discussions were created on this subject. Specifically, on the Resetera forums, an Epic employee named Simone DiGravio said:

β€œIt is impressive to see the fighting game community’s passion and effort to analyze the technical nuances of various titles. We are aware of this input latency issue and are currently working with SONY to support affected developers of our side.” assured, we will do our best to make your beloved games shine on all platforms.”

Therefore, we can conclude that in fact, Epic Games knew the situation and is solving it in collaboration with SONY. At this time, it is unknown to what extent Epic Games will improve latency, but this is good news for players of KOF XV and other fighting games on the PlayStation 5 platform, which should have better gaming experience in the future in this game and others.

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