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Epic Online Services will allow cross-play between Steam and Epic Games

In the world of PC gaming, the choice of platform on which we buy and play our games is usually clear, Steam. Over the years, many alternatives have emerged, such as Origin, GOG or the popular Epic Games Store. However, it looks like that could change, as Epic has now released a tool Which will allow cross play between the Epic Games community and the Steam community.

Epic Games has just announced a new tool that promises to make a lot of noise. From now on, Epic online service Gonna throw free development tools to implement cross-play services. These will be part of a SDKs plug in and usewhich makes it easy for game developers to implement it in their titles.

Steam and Epic Games communities united: you can play with your Epic Steam friends

Epic Games Steam Crossplay Friends

The cross play implemented by Epic Online Services will work immediately with Steam Yes Epic Games Store, allowing you to combine the best of all worlds. Additionally, they ensure that pc is your priority and the Windows it will be the first platform to support it. Later compatibility with macOS Yes linux apart from more platforms and stores.

Also, don’t forget the consoles Yes mobileswhere they assure that they will have a way to cross play in a future. According to Epic itself, thanks to this union of platforms, it will be possible to search among more than 500 million peopleconnect with them and play smoothly.

To make it easier for players to connect between stores, Epic Online Services will include an interface that brings together both your Steam and Epic Games friends in a single list. In addition, it will allow to send and receive friend requests and join multiplayer sessions whatever the platform.

It will also allow account linking between Steam and Epic Games, with automatic updates, making it a very fast integration between platforms. This idea came about a few years ago, around 2018, with the hope that cross-play services would be launched in Fortnite. Currently, both its star shooter and fall guys They have shown that they have a very active and supportive community.

Epic’s tool will seek to unify all stores and platforms into one

Epic Games Crossplay Steam

Epic feels very positive about this move, being the first to unite its community with that of Steamwhich benefits from several players elderly. Although the free games by Epic Games there have been many and several of notorious quality, the absence of friends and people who use the platform has been an inconvenience when playing.

And that’s it, Steam He has been with us since September 2003, almost 2 decades we say soon. It has been a store that has had very good discounts (now not so much), which with word of mouth as promotion and games like Counter-Strike That is Dota 2catapulted the company of Valve.

During, epic games came out in december 2018, 15 years later, with a somewhat controversial debut. However, Epic has decided to impose a business model where it gives every Thursday a series of games. This, coupled with its flagship Fortnite, has increased its popularity in a very short time.

However, it still lags behind Steam and with tools like this, it can be said that the Epic Games Store will rank as the one that brought the communities together. Instead of being an enemy of competition, join her in this situation, it’s probably the best option.

Best of all, we all win, at least from a player perspective. If everything is running smoothly and smoothly, being able to play with everyone no matter what platform they’re using is an offer that’s hard to refuse.

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