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Epic boss won’t ban the sale of NFT games on the Epic Games Store

Just yesterday we knew that Studio Mojangthe developers of Minecraft, showed a totally anti-NFT stance in their video game. According to them, these have caused a situation of inequality between players, but Epic Games is of the same opinion. Indeed, its CEO, Tim Sweneysaid the company will not ban the sale of games with NFT on your Epic Games Store platform.

The Minecraft creator studio showed the world how little interest it had in NFTs for its game. According to them, it broke the equality between players, since the one who bought the NFT stood out from the others . Now, the boss of Epic is the opposite of this attitude and has responded by giving the opposite opinion and assuring that the Epic Games Store will sell NFT games.

Tim Sweeney defends that the Epic Games Store opens its doors to all kinds of games

Tim Sweeney’s argument for games that include NFTs in their business model is quite effective. Rather than swear like Unity’s CEO recently did, Sweeney sees it is a mistake to intervene in these situations. He goes on to say that developers should be free to decide how they make their games and on the other hand players are free to play them or not. He goes on to say that the online storeslike their Epic Games Store, shouldn’t close their doors to NFT game developers.

They leave the freedom to any game, whether they are NFT or not, have the possibility of being sold on their platform. Later, in another tweet, he added that a store like his should just host any product as long as it’s legal. Also, don’t make value judgments and only accept games that match personal preferences. This concludes Epic’s official notice regarding NFT games in its Epic Games Store, where we summarize that they are basically allowed and will not be banned.

The Epic store showed off its first NFT game called GRIT in June

Epic Games Store Game GRIT Flight NFT

Considering the Epic Games Store already showed off its first game with NFTs a month ago, we’re not surprised at its attitude when it comes to defending them. However, the title in question, YELLdevelopped by gala gamesgot a great review and controversial since its launch. And this game free online battle royale It barely lasted a few days until it received a barrage of criticism.

has been criticized for fly 3d model from an artist who was added to the game to be sold as an NFT. Indeed, this model could be purchased as a pack on the Epic Asset Store (EU Marketplace) for $30. This means that the developers have worked with Epic for mutual benefit. On the other hand, we can think that it was the whole idea of ​​studio GRIT, that they had this idea themselves, something that makes sense, since the game is also listed in both Steam like in the epic store.

That said, Steam showed itself completely against NFTs in games, but we see that this game in question is still in the Valve store like “Coming soon“Actually they don’t mention anything about NFTs in the description of this one, whereas in the Epic Games Store they do, although in a hidden way they talk about the Web3.

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