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Enabling EXPO in your DDR5 memories will leave your Ryzen 7000 without warranty

There is a very famous saying that goes “we ran into the church”. Well, now and in the same spirit of what we said, we have to say, yes, that AMD and its EXPO technology for DDR5 memories and their RAM profiles saved in the modules will assume that activate EXPO and crash the CPU, our Ryzen 7000 will stay Out of Warranty.

First and foremost is peace of mind, but it’s necessary for all of us to know what we’re doing and always count in the fine print of any product sold. What should we stick with if we buy a Ryzen 7000 processor and activate EXPO in our UEFI?

EXPO technology and its fine print, why does it void the Ryzen 7000 warranty?

AMD EXPO Technology

During AMD’s presentation, the company showed some of its processors with very clear and specific data, as well as live tests of their performance against Intel processors. There was nothing strange here, only that AMD did not specify that, logically, the data was offered with EXP enabled.

It was expected, on the other hand, you will think, and it makes sense, you are not going to leave performance in the inkwell because yes, you are showing all the potential as a company.


Well, there’s nothing to object to here, but… AMD clarified in its post-conference data sheet, where all the slides its processors were sent Ryzen 9 7900X and Ryzen 9 7950Xwho used EXPO effectively with some memories G.SKILL in small print and at the end of the text itself.

Knowing this and having confirmed it by the brand itself, it is necessary to resort at the same time to the revised warranty policy for processors, where the “surprise” obviously arrives for anyone who does not know what we are talking about.

AMD and EXPO CPU Warranty Policy Affecting the Ryzen 7000

AMD EXPO Processor Warranty

As we can read above and very clearly:

Overclocking or under-powering AMD processors and memory, including but not limited to altering clock rates, multipliers, or timings, and memory volts to operate outside of specifications published by AMD, will void any AMD warranties on the applicable product, even when activated through the AMD hardware and software.

It may also void warranties offered by the system manufacturer or dealer. Users assume all risk and liability that may arise from overclocking or lack of performance of AMD processors, including but not limited to hardware failure or damage, reduced system performance and loss of data, corruption or vulnerabilities.

AMD EXPO Ryzen 7000 RAM Speeds

This was to be expected after following Intel’s path. The blues do the exact same thing with XMP in its various flavors and now we know that AMD is also going to be exempt from its warranty if the user is shown to have exceeded the maximum allowed speeds which in the case of the AMD Ryzen 7000 implies that we will lose said warranty if we exceed the following thresholds which are defined as JEDEC.

Therefore, AMD’s warranty with EXPO on processors is very limited, as it exceeds the 3,600MT/s That is 5,200MT/s This will be relatively easy to achieve, especially for those who want to squeeze their CPU to the max, something similar to when you overclock the CPU.

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