The gestures of Twitter began to increase, and the reason is none other than the fact that it is reported that today the day will be closed with Elon Musk as owner of the social network Twitter.

As Bloomberg revealed, Today the purchase of the social network will be finalizedand it is that the story has taken a drastic turn in events, to the point where Twitter’s board of directors is already meeting with the founder of SpaceX and Tesla to conclude the purchase agreement, which could be around $43 billions, at a rate of $54.20 per share.

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As of this writing, the shares are trading at a value of $50.75, but it’s clear that if this deal doesn’t happen, the value of the shares will plummet, and if Elon Musk follows through on his threat to get rid of all the shares in case of impossibility to finalize the purchase, the prediction is quite simple: the value of the company will fallsomething that will not interest investors.

In this way, Today Elon Musk could go from 9% of Twitter to 100%and this, without a doubt, will bring notable changes to this social network, which has been accused on many occasions a flagrant lack of freedom of expression.