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€7,250m for Intel to build a state-of-the-art factory

We can now officially speak of a “Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation of Microelectronics and Semiconductors”, and it is that the Spanish government has already approved the most important Loss, the “Chip Loss”, where they will be awarded 12,250 million euros of public investmentof Europe, to try to give Spain a leading role in the manufacture of advanced chips and to grant some strategic autonomy to the European Union alongside Intel.

As indicated, nearly 80% of said investment, €9.35 billion, will be used for the design and manufacture of processors. Of this amount, 7,250 million euros will be used to raise a factory capable of bringing chips to life with sub-5nm lithographywhile the remaining 2,100 million euros will be used to give life to older manufacturing processes.

Spain x Intel

On the other hand, scientific capacity building will be invested €1,165 million; to the design strategy will be invested €1.33 billion; and the revitalization of the ICT manufacturing industry will be 400 million eurosof which 200 million are intended to finance start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs, while the other half is intended to strengthen the internal production of electronic products.

The main beneficiaries of the 12,250 million euros of the Puce Perte?

Basically, we are talking about four companies: Intel, Micron, Cisco and Qualcomm, and it is that the Council of Ministers met the leaders of the said companies within the framework of the economic forum of Davos. With this information, it is clear that Intel will be responsible for bringing the wafer factories to life, with which Europe hopes to produce 20% of all microchips in the world by 2030.

“Europe needs new advanced production facilities […] to meet the significant initial costs involved in its construction, it may be necessary to provide public support to attract private investment,” said Ursula von der Leye, president of the community executive, last February.Europe is gaining appeal for giants like Intel“.

It should be remembered that in mid-March Intel announces an investment of 80 billion euros in the European Union to lead the semiconductor business, an investment that would be split between Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Poland and Spain, so this injection of cash into Intel’s plans is aimed that the company builds at least one new factory in our country.

The Loss Chip aims to strengthen the design and production capacities of the microelectronics and semiconductor industry in Spain, from a global perspective, and to promote national and European strategic autonomy in this sector, in accordance with the provisions of the European chip law recently proposed by the European Commission.

The Loss chip will be developed around four strategic axes, covering the entire value chain of the industry in different phases: conception, design and production of chips and revitalization of the electronics and information technology industry and communication (ICT), to act as a demand generator for the microchips produced and promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem of semiconductors. This global vision will have a multiplier effect for the entire Spanish economy.

It is expected that this strategic project will mobilize public investment of €12,250 million until 2027, financed by European funds as part of the recovery plan, and will in turn activate a significant volume of private investment.

via: Spanish Government

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