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Does your computer suffer in the summer? Here you have the best thermal pastes

I think we can all agree that this summer has been very hot and is just beginning. With these high temperatures, our computers risk reaching a situation of THermal Throttling Where go out. For this reason, it is essential to check and change the thermal paste and, what better than this list of High thermal pastes in 2022.

We all know the Thermal pastethis component which acts as an intermediary between the CPU and the radiator we use. It is thanks to her that heat can be transferred efficiently and thus we get refrigerate those hot processors. Likewise, it is very important to ensure that there is no drying, to be efficient. In case we had to replace it or put it for the first time, here we have a list of the best currently tested on a i9-10850K a 4.6GHz and 1.19V.

The best non-conductive thermal pastes

Best Graphics Non-Conductive Thermal Compound

Starting with the non-conductive thermal pastes, we have in this group the safest to use, since they will not damage the electronic components of our PC in case of contact. We start with the air coolingusing a Noctua NH-D15 we see how the Arctic MX-5 postulates as the winner in terms of temperature. Although the difference is small, its thermal conductivity of 6W/mK it becomes more than enough to outperform its rivals.

In addition, it has a fairly moderate price, being able to buy it for 7.9 € for 2 grams. Behind her, we see the MasterGel Pro V2 Coolerwith 9W/mK, thus seeing that announcing a higher thermal conductivity value does not imply a better result. This can be obtained by €6.99 with 4 grams. Now let’s move on to thermal paste Noctua NT-H2with an estimated thermal conductivity of 9W/mK and the cost 12 euros for 3.5 grams.

We jump a few more positions down, with 2 degrees more but just as interesting, the Noctua NT-H1 for 8.9 € Yes 3.5 gramswith a conductivity of 8.9W/mK. Now let’s move on to liquid cooling using a EKWB EK-AIO Elite 360, where we are surprised to see the NT-H1 in second place. Entitled in this case we have the Prolimatech PK-3 with a thermal conductivity of 11.2W/mK and a price between 13 and 20€ for 5 grams. The rest is similar to air cooling values.

The Best Liquid Metal Thermal Pastes

Grafica Best Liquid Metal Thermal Paste

With regard to liquid metal thermal pastes, it must be taken into account that they are generally conductor of electricity, that is, if it spreads on any electronic component of the PC and we do not clean it, they can load the computer. In the temperatures here we have a tie practically between four of them in the air and a tie of three when using a liquid. Here we already see that the maximum heat transfer capacity has been reached, so we will choose the best as the cheapest.

We start with the Thermal Grizzly Conductonautwith a conductivity of 73W/mK and a price of 10€ for 1 gram. Follow the CoolLaboratory Liquid Pro which is sold between 9 and 14 euros for a syringe 1 gram which has a conductivity of 79W/mK. A little further down we see the CoolLaboratory LiquidUltraat the price of 10€ for 1 gram and 72 W/mK. Finally, the LM phobia we see it with a low price of 4 euros for 0.5 grams and offers 40W/mK.

Therefore, our choice as better Thermal paste non-conductive will be towards Noctua NT-H1 (€8.90 of 3.5 grams), which demonstrates great performance at a very competitive price. In reference to better Thermal paste liquid metalwe consider that the LM phobia deserves to win, for offering similar performance to others and only worth 4 euros.

special mention to NTE Electronics nte303 to be the thermal paste with the best price/gram by far, costing approx. $12 for 30 grams. Unfortunately in Spain it is almost impossible to find it at this price, so it is time to import it from UNITED STATES.

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