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Do you have Fractal Lumen liquid cooling in your PC? Make an RMA

It is not normal for a product to fail in standard, to have a problem in any unit that comes out of the market, because normally the quality tests are highly controlled and the processes well thought out. But every once in a while someone gets it wrong and when that happens all affected products should be called for review and RMA. That’s what he just revealed Fractal Design with a problem in its AIO Lumen. If you have one, start thinking about RMA before it’s too late.

Yes, this time it was Fractal Design and its range of AIO Lumen, which has no less than 6 models, which differ mainly in their fans, some normal and others with RGB, but what happened to them?

Fractal Design withdraws Lumen series due to soldering issues in heatsinks


We’ve heard this before from other brands before but it seems to keep happening despite there being more and more build quality and materials because if not not so, then these things happen. The company has clarified everything related to this problem after many users warned about an alarming increase in the temperature of their processors in various forums.

The brand statement reads as follows:

We have discovered an issue with our Lumen All-in-One (AIO) water cooler. Following user reports of increased CPU temperature, an investigation has been launched to determine the possible cause.

Our findings conclude that the welding equipment used in the radiator aluminum, as well as impurities introduced during manufacture, may cause reaction with the chemical composition of the refrigerant. Over time, this can lead to sediment accumulation in the circulating liquid become trapped on the fins (fins) of the CPU block, causing a rise in temperature as a result of this blockage.

While Lumen units that currently do not cause temperature issues are safe for continued use, our users’ experience is our top priority. Therefore, we decided stop all sales of Lumen worldwide, until we are satisfied that the quality standards that we and our users expect are fully met. To resolve the issue, our teams will be working on a new version with an updated radiator and new liquid formulation, produced under revised assembly processes and guidelines.

With our current estimated schedule, we expect to have new units available as replacements for Lumen owners, as well as stock replacements at dealerships and resellers; in about six weeks.

The problem is that on the one hand there is talk of some units that do not cause temperature problems, while on the other hand they are going to withdraw all models from sale. What we can understand here is that there was a faulty game and that it’s not clear which ones were hit and which ones weren’t. El problema es que puede que no te estés dando cuenta y estés afectado con tu AIO, solo que el problema reproduzca de manera más slowly, porque si supieran que hay modelos totallymente seguros se especificaría los que no lo son, y no es el caso Unfortunately.

What if you are one of those affected? Follow the instructions below


Fractal Design has made a web form available to users so that anyone affected by this issue can contact the brand and request a replacement. Additionally, there is another website where updates on information regarding this case will be provided, a timeline will be made available to customers, and anything related to this issue should be reflected there.

The process of RMA Yes substitution will be done by email once the data is provided to the brand for management, so we hope they will be quick to change the faulty units so that users can continue with their available PCs in a short period of time.

And, above all, that the temperature of their processors return to normal levels, since cases have been reported where there were even Thermal limitation depending on the models.

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