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Do you have €1,899? That’s what this side box is worth for water

A design that you will never see, a box that stands out for its quality and innovation, without forgetting its prohibitive price. Una auténtica revolución que gustará más o menos, pero es una obra de arte de la técnica que manufacturer en Alemania y que puede ser tube if tienes available 1.899 euros y quieres algo exclusivo, diferente y posiblemente no muy óptima en cuanto a la propia refrigeración líquida which included. This is the Regner cooling system.

Well, while that might seem like a steep price considering the number of cases and models on the market and their prices, the reality is that this chassis is unlike any other you’ve seen. Signed by Regner, what we have before us is a technical marvel of the 21st century.

Regner System Cooling, the side box with radiators

And it is as described. An empty weight of 22kga system of soft neoprene tubes pre-installed with threaded connections, elbows and also two laterals that weigh 7 kg each which are not just the part that closes this box, but are the custom liquid cooling system radiators.

These radiators are a panel of considerable size which is hung by weight on the profiles of the box, where they incorporate at the same time an inlet connector and another for the liquid outlet. To transfer the heat from the water to the air we have giant fins all over the panel that run from top to bottom and as such cooling is provided by front fans that draw air from the outside.


It is true that they do not have direct contact with the fans as such, ie they are not glued, so the internal flow of the chassis is the most important part. For this reason, the part where the ATX card is located is in the middle of the chamber which divides the case into two horizontal parts, thus allowing the GPU to be installed on one side and the card on the other and not interrupt the flow of the fans.

An expensive box, of quality, but not perfect


The reality is that the chassis is so complex that, although it is perfectly built, you can see how its panels are not properly worked at the fins. Although it is speculated that seeing two fins together could be a design made on purpose to give the panel greater strength. This is speculated because there is 13 distance fins between the profile of the thread of each fitting to said glued fins.

Another doubt that exists and has not yet been revealed by the manufacturer is the material of the radiators, since if it is aluminum we have a problem in RL Custom, although on the other hand there say they are anti corrosion internal nickel plating? We do not know it. Blocks are normally copper or nickel plated copper, but as we well know, when mixed with aluminum, galvanic corrosion occurs and the weaker metal eventually deteriorates.


If the panels inside are made of this material, we could have leaks over the years no matter how much material or inhibitor liquid we have in the system. Finally, your pump is signed EKWB, this one being a DDC 4.2 PWM. Currently, this Regner cooling system can only be purchased in two colors, gray and blue, on its own website.

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