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Disney+ would follow in the footsteps of Netflix to monetize the sharing of your account

According to the latest rumours, Disney+ could become the next streaming service to monetize a practice widely tolerated by the industry, which consists of sharing the account with several family members or friends to save an interesting sum of money per year.

The first to speak openly on the subject it was netflixthat won’t completely ban it, and that’s that it will continue to allow you to share your account and password with a caveat, and that’s that you will pay more for each additional account of a person who does not really live in the same household, yes, will be limited to 2 people onlywhereas currently up to 3 people outside the household can share the account.

Considering that these subscription services they will go from four to three to shareand that two of these people have to pay a monthly supplement of 2-3 euros (2,380 CLP in Chili (2.71 euros); $2.99 ​​in Costa Rica (2.72 euros); and PEN 7.9 in Peru (1.92 euros), because the service is significantly more expensive.


For example, to share the account, the Premium subscription is always used, which costs €17.99. Per year, each user pays €53.97. (17.99×12:4). When this new mode of operation of the platform comes into force, this account, limited to three users, and dividing between them an additional cost of 4 euros for the two users who enter the main account, we would talk about paying 53 . 97 euros per year at no less than €87.96 per user (17.99×12 + 4×12:3). According to Netflix itself, it will affect more than 100 million users worldwide What “use their service for free“.

Obviously, large number of Netflix unsubscribes expected when this decision is global, so if Disney+ is considering making the same move, the logic would be to wait see what is happening with your direct rival and assess whether to do the sameor look for a much more controlled risk that would occur by simply increasing the price of your subscription a bit while keeping things as they are so far.

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