Yes OK immortal devil It wasn’t very well received due to the game’s focus on microtransactions, whatever, and that’s that, as the analyst revealed AppMagicthe game would have already collected over $24.3 million in its first two weeks of release. Of course, these revenues are only linked to the game in its version for Android and iOS mobile devices (13M from the App Store and 11.3M from Google Play), so we don’t know what it could have entered in its PC version.

Diablo Immortal Income Microtransactions

It makes quite clear why the existence of hundreds of thousands of free games for mobile devices, and it is that at the moment of truth, much more money is generated encourage spending money in the game than to receive only one payment to access the download of the title. You go in, you play, you like it, and if you take the bait to improve your character or advance much faster, then “everyone wins”.

On the other hand, officially the company revealed that immortal devilHe exceeded 10 million downloads, that the most chosen character is the necromancer among the more than 14.2 million characters created. Over 35.5 million dungeons have been “cleared”, over 2.7 billion demons have been slain, and players have died over 126 million times.

via: gamedevreports