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Diablo Immortal Makes Over $1 Million A Day Despite Hate

If we talk about smartphone games that have recently been successful, for better or for worse, we must mention immortal devil. The latest installment of the Blizzard saga in the mobile market brought him big income, but at the same time a bad reputation and many reviews. Now, a month later Diablo Immortal continues to maintain a high standard Benefitswhich results in generating more $1 million a day.

Diablo Immortal is one of the most anticipated games since smart phones. This latest installment in the saga of Snow storm has accumulated a large number of fans who, before the model free to play they offered, they saw a great opportunity to play. However, nothing could be further from the truth, since following the model of the game freeyou will have to spend thousands of Hours agriculture to reach your best level. But it is that even paying It’s not profitable, with astronomical costs if you want to have the best, but it seems that doesn’t matter either.

Diablo Immortal downloads plummeted, but revenue didn’t

Diablo Immortal Downloads Earnings Per Month

As can be seen in the report of AppMagic Yes mobilegamer.bizwe observe a very significant drop in the number of downloads of the game. We can see a peak of 1.3 million downloads the first day of its release, but in just 1 week this number is reduced to a thirdnails on it 450,000 downloads. Then the rate of descent began to ease until it reached approximately 70,000 downloads every day 1 month after going to the market.

However, their incomes have remained much firmer, since it can be said that the Benefits of Diablo Immortal, a month after its release, are even upper than the day of its launch. Additionally, he currently earns approximately $1.2 million a day, not bad considering that the infatuation has largely dissipated. Even so, he did not reach his earnings record, which was around $2.4 million 10 days after launch.

Considering that Diablo Immortal managed in just over a week to reach 10 million playersa step that cost Devil 3 six weeks, in just two weeks, he generated $24.3 million, a significant figure. So it seems that it compensates for the bad image.

Diablo Immortal’s Endgame Encourages You To Spend Ridiculous Money On Your Character

Devil Immortal Spend Money Lootboxes Character

However, Diablo Immortal’s success in player numbers and earnings is just a joke next to its critics. to visit metacriticalwe can see that the Blizzard video game managed to be the lowest rated on the whole platform, with a 0.2 points out of 10. And it’s not for less, since the game is full of loot boxes or loot boxes from pretty much the start of this one.

In addition, they deceive the player with the strategy that they have a great added value compared to what they should be worth, for example, that +800% of the image. Maybe in another game they would not have succeeded, but the saga Devil It’s best known for being an ARPG with an endgame-centric isometric view. With an improvement of Statistics Yes crew almost infinite, Blizzard takes the opportunity to create a flood of silver equally infinite.

For example, there is a level of upgrades that are only unlocked when the player increases their gems of 5 stars a level 10. To achieve this, it is estimated that approximately $40,000 in the loot boxes, almost nothing. And everything to be able to play and compete in high difficulties like Hell II now, saving us months and months of sharpening if we choose to play without spending money.

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