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Diablo Immortal becomes the franchise’s best (and worst) release

Activision Blizzard has announced that its latest release, immortal devil, became the biggest launch in the history of the Diablo franchise. Obviously this is because the game is free to play, so the company ties this milestone to the fact that the game has passed the milestone. 10 million downloads in a week, something that might not even seem like a lot considering the game has reached both PCs and Android and iOS mobile devices. If we compare it to other exclusive games for mobile devices, also free, the numbers are too low to call them a success.

“A tribute to the heroes of Sanctuary.

In just one week, Diablo Immortal is the biggest release in franchise history.

Thanks for hunting with us.” indicated the company on their social networks.

immortal devil

What’s curious about all of this is that Diablo Immortal has another record, being the company’s lowest rated gameand it is that in Metacritic, on an average of 1040 reviews at the time of writing, the game has a score of barely 0.2 points out of 10. So while Activision Blizzard prides itself on the number of downloads of a free game, on the other hand, you only read many complaints related to the game’s Pay-to-Win mechanics, where there is a lot of game content which is only accessible by paying. , because with gambling money, it would take years to get it.

Only time and revenue generated will tell if the game will be a hit or not, but for now, brag that this is the best version of the Diablo game to name a few. download figures for a free product For the masses, it’s not really something to brag about, especially after the company was forced to release a PC version of the game.

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