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Demand plummets and hard drive shipments drop 33%

With the arrival of SSD In the consumer market, hard drives are no longer the choice of many users. Although its main asset is the notorious price difference, being cheaper than SSDs, the differences are not so visible anymore, and this is because SSDs are now available to all users instead of being a component of a prohibitive cost. This caused a drop in demand of the HDDs and therefore a historic collapse of its expeditionswho lost a 33% during the second trimester this year compared to the same period in 2021.

Hard drives were seen as a cheap alternative to get large storage capacity at low cost. We thus have the possibility of acquiring a 1TB hard drive of capacity by 40-50 euroswhile a 1TB SSD it would cost us between 80 and 90 euros. The difference is barely half, but you also have to take into account that an SSD allows a PC to run everything immediately while a hard drive takes seconds to perform operations.

In this way, hard drives are already more focused on bulk storage in an age when everything gate to the cloud. This dramatically reduced demand for hard drives and resulted in a 33% drop in shipments in just one year.

45 million hard drives were delivered: 651 million in 2010

Drop Shipping Requests Hard Drives 2022

The Hard disk increase their density and offer discs with higher abilities at a relatively cheap price. However, this does not seem to have been enough, since these have suffered a very serious blow in terms of sales. The sector that has suffered the most is, without a doubt, hard drives from 2.5″typical of laptop and computers SFF (small form factor) or HTPC (home theater PC). And easily replaceable by 2.5″ SSDs in SATA format.

He experienced a decline 40% quarter over quarteri.e. from the previous quarter to this one, reaching only 11 million units. Here we see a clear predominance of storage based on glowsuch as SSDs, whose size also decreases in the formats M.2, making them perfect for ever thinner and lighter portable devices. The second most significant loss concerns the shipment of hard drives in the segment of desktop computer and consumption.

Here is a fall 30% quarter to quarterobtain 17 million of units. Within this group, the most affected sectors were surveillance, retail and PC. Finally, the least affected sector by far is that of professional hard drives, which saw a lesser decline in shipments. These kept a strong enough demand and take a fall 2.5 million unitsresulting in 19 million units sold.

The rise in inflation, the fall of the Chia cryptocurrency and SSDs were the cause

Chia Coin Hard Drives

With the exception of the enterprise market, which invests in a large number of hard drives to have cheap and low-power storage, in the rest of the sectors the decline is huge. As we said before, SSDs are probably the The main cause of this blow to the hard drive. And that’s it, the manufacturers have reduced the prices pads for TLC and QLC NAND in one 8-13% during second trimester of 2022.

A further reduction in 5 to 10% for him third trimester of this year. For this reason, SSD prices are falling more and more and positioning themselves as the preferred option for customers who want to take advantage more fluidity and speed on your devices. Another no less important cause is the chia cryptocurrencywhich made a big splash when it was launched, dramatically increasing the sale of hard drives.

In fact, the mining of Chia Piece I think shortage hard drives and caused companies like Seagate Yes WesternDigital They had to increase their production. However, although the cryptocurrency has reached a value of $1,600 in May 2021, now only valid $41. Finally, another cause must be added, such as the increase in global inflationOr in United States is located in the 8.6%. Given the difficult economic situation we are going through, hard drives do not occupy the same priority than other more important things.

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