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DeepCool launches its LS320, LS520 and LS720 liquids

fresh deep announced the launch of its new series of water cooling systems LScomposed of three models: LS320 (120mm), LS520 (240mm) and LS720 (360 mm), bearing later variants LS520WH Yes LS720WHwhich arrive with the fans, heatsink and CPU block in white.

All models use aluminum radiators of 27mm thick, on which are mounted 1x (LS320), 2x (LS520) and 3x (LS720) DeepCool FC120 high performance fans. 120mm able to turn to 2250RPM generate a current of air 85.85CFM with a static pressure of 3.27mmH2O with a sound of 32.9dBA.

These fans have RGB lighting and reduce coolant temperatures after passing through the radiator, which is driven by a water pump capable of operating at 3100RPM with a sound level of 19 dBA.

DeepCool LS320 (120mm), LS520 (240mm) and LS720

Liquid information DeepCool LC-Series Complete with a water block that also includes RGB lighting, the 4th generation high performance water pump features a powerful three-phase motora copper base with a large number of channels through which water flows, although neither the number of these channels nor the flow of water the pump can move is stated.

The information is completed by the price, knowing that the DeepCool LS320 It can now be found on sale on Amazon at the recommended price of €99.99; DeepCool LS520 liquid moves through the €129.99while the DeepCool LS720 hovers around €149.99.

If you want the last two liquids in white, they will arrive in September at a price that will fluctuate between 129.90 – 134.90 Yes €149.90 – €154.90 respectively, therefore, we are talking about an additional cost of up to 5 euros.

All liquids have 5 year warrantyand are compatible with all modern processors, including the future version of the AMD Ryzen 7000 (AM5), or the Intel Raptor Lake, as they retain the Alder Lake LGA1700 socket.

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