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DeepCool launches its LE300 Marrs and LE500 Marrs liquids

fresh deep announced its second family of water cooling systems so far this month, the DeepCool LE300 Brown Yes LE500 Brownwhich arrive with a sober design seasoned with a green LED backlight system both in the radiator fans and in the water pump.

Family THE March promises to be high-end, and that’s why the 120mm liquid, the LE300 Marss, promises to be able to support CPUs with a TDP of up to 180Wwhile the 240 mm, the LE500 Marrs is able to withstand TDPs of up to 220W.

DeepCool LE300 Brown

Rummaging through information, DeepCool LE300 Brown see how its aluminum radiator offers dimensions of 159 x 120 x 27mm thick with 315mm long nylon protected tubes with leak proof technology. The radiator of DeepCool LE500 Brown It has dimensions of 282 x 120 x 27 mm thick with 415 mm long tubes.

DeepCool LE500 Brown

These heaters come with 1 time/2 PWM fans of 120 mm capable of reaching the 2250RPM move a current of air 85.85CFM with a static pressure of 3.27mmH2O and a sound of 32.9dBA. These are thus responsible for reducing the temperatures of the coolant driven by a water pump which operates at 2400 RPM with a sound level of 17.8 dBA.

The information of the Browns DeepCool LE complete with CPU support Intel LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA1150X and amd AM5 and AM4, and they go on sale at a price that will move €59.99 – €64.99 (LE300 March) and €69.99 to €74.99 (LE500 March).

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