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DDR5 RAM price has dropped 20% in the last month

The price of DDR5 RAM has started to fall, yes, do not have many illusions, and it is that although last month the price has been reduced 20%we are still talking about 5 euros for each Gigabyte in a low-end module like the classic DDR5-4800 CL40, which is the most affordable – and slowest – option available on the market. Thus, access to this new technology implies a minimum price of approximately 216 euros in kits with a capacity of 32 GB (at least in Spain), and in Germany the most basic kit without heatsinks is around 154 euros.

If we are talking about a RAM memory DDR4 with CL16 latenciesthe price of the same 32GB capacity kit is around 112 eurosso it’s a smarter choice to buy, of course, as long as you have or will have an Intel Alder Lake or Intel Raptor Lake processor, as both DDR4 and DDR5 RAM can be used.

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 6600MHz 740x533 0

On the other side they will be AMD Ryzen 7000, which only support the use of DDR5 RAM, which makes the switch to said platform much more expensive, and even more so if we want to acquire high performance memories that surpass DDR4 RAM. Although currently a well-known Spanish store offers approximately 1,100 different sets of DDR4 RAMfrom DDR5 memory 82 are offeredand if we go beyond the conventional, 32 GB of RAM @ 4800 MHz CL38 already costs more than 220 euros; 5600 MHz CL36 hover around 280 euros; the 6200MHz CL38 the 470€; while the most advanced modules are already moving between 500 and 620 eurosand that new low latency models at frequencies above 6000 MHz are not yet listed.

That way, yes, DDR5 memory goes down in price, but DDR4 memory has also suffered price cuts or remained at worst, and in both cases the drops are very slight each week, so don’t expect DDR5 memory to be affordable anytime soon, and if you’re looking for a high-end Ryzen 7000, be prepared to open your doors wide wallet to accompany it with memory that does not weigh down system performance.

It should be remembered that in 2023, with the launch of meteor lakeIntel will complete the transition to a platform that uses only DDR5 memory. The company therefore hopes that by the end of next year, prices for this memory will be affordable enough to generate more interest.

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