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DDR5 memories with speeds up to 6200 MHz

netac announced the launch of its DDR5 RAM memories Shadow IIyes, unfortunately they are not very efficient (low latencies), and although they are offered with speeds of up to 6200MHzthey are compliant with JEDEC specifications, which implies that all the memory kits it offers are bound to generic latencies CL40.

These memories use a slightly oversized aluminum heatsink that is distinguished by leave RGB LED lighting behind. These are available in kits of 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB capacity at a frequency of 4800MHz with latencies CL40-40-40-77 @ 1.1v, being above the DDR5@5600MHz with latencies CL40-40-40-77 @ 1.2v in 16, 32 and 64 GB capacity kits, and ending with the DDR5@6200MHz with latencies CL40-40-40-96 @ 1.35v in 16, 32 and 64 GB capacities.

As expected, don’t expect any details regarding their pricing.

Netac Shadow II DDR5

In addition to top-tier brands, Netac, an established storage manufacturer, is also actively rolling out this area. Netac introduces Shadow II DDR5 memory after Shadow RGB DDR5. Like the Shadow series, the Shadow II DDR5 is also in the mid to high range, but without the RGB lighting feature.

As for the parameters, the frequency specification of 4800MHz will be released soon, and there will be specifications of 8/16/32GB*2 high-capacity kits, with a latency of CL40-40-77 and a voltage of 1. .1 V. Netac said that high-frequency specifications such as 5600 MHz and 6200 MHz will be released in the future.

Netac Shadow II DDR5 - Colors

Appearance-wise, DDR5 Shadow II memory has changed its low-key image, adopting a fashionable black and white two-color design, with a symmetrical metal heat sink with minimalist lines to give a more modern and three-dimensional appearance.

In the center is the embossed “Shadow” logo. It is surrounded by a diamond-shaped frame with a horse’s head, and the top of the heat sink is also designed symmetrically, like a Pegasus ready to fly.

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