Crew announced the launch of some rather “curious” DDR5 RAM memories, which respond to the name of Industrial. This is because the company indicates that they are intended for the industrial market, although for this everything is limited to some RGB LED lights that in case of failure they will light up in blue and red (as if these memories were to be mounted in a chassis with windows that someone looks at all the time). Moreover, it includes a small speaker which will emit an audible alarm indicating that the memories have failed, or that they could operate at high temperatures.

In the real world, we don’t know if these “physical” alerts are really useful. This is the first time a product of this type has been launched and we will see if they come to market without pain or glory, or if other manufacturers will copy the idea.

TeamGroupe Industriel

TeamGroup announced the world’s first “Industrial Smart Alert DDR5 Memory Module” that combines RGB lighting effects and an audible warning system for industrial applications. It can not only adjust temperature settings according to different environmental requirements of industrial equipment users, but also allows users to track equipment and working status with audio and light effects provided by their detection system intelligent with three RGB lighting modes: Alert, Notification and Reminder. These new functions are the ideal support for the new generation of automated industrial production equipment and applications.