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DAZN announces its new prices and goodbye to the shared account

DAZN announced to its users the new tariffs which will come into effect from 1st of Augustbeing the best known of all, that its service goes from 99.99 euros per year to €129.99. What remained to be known was its influence on the addition The leaguewhich is stated to include a total of 5 matches per day with a total of 35 days, that is to say that you will see practically half of the LaLiga matches.

Access to football will lead to an increase in the price of €24.99 per monthalthough in exchange for a 12 month stay you can pay €19.99. In addition, only La Liga can be contracted, which involves a monthly cost of €18.99while if you contract it intermittently with your essential DAZN account, this subscription will cost €24.99 every month you activate it.

Perhaps worst of all is that on August 1, the policy of Simultaneous streaming from two devices that they only use the same internet accessthat is to say goodbye to the shared account, something that is a serious problem for other sports, like F1 or MotoGPsince in many cases, where I include myself, share an account and only use DAZN to watch F1, this would imply that the attractiveness of the platform is significantly reduced.

Interestingly, in the official statement, DAZN does not mention on the end of the shared account, but sources reveal that this will be the day chosen to make the move.

DAZN and goodbye to the shared account

In order to continue to provide you with the best experience, and following DAZN’s acquisition of the LaLiga broadcast rights, we would like to inform you that from August 1st we will be offering three different content plans:

  • DAZN Essential: is the plan you currently have contracted, we are only changing its name. Its price, as you know, is €12.99 per month or €129.99 per year. This plan does not include La Liga.
  • DAZN LaLiga: This plan is designed for those who are only interested in La Liga. Includes five matches a day*, plus the DAZN Originals series and content. The price of this plan is €18.99 per month.
  • Total DAZN: this plan adds LaLiga to the content you already enjoy, i.e. the five matches per day* that DAZN will offer from the start of the 2022/23 season. The price of DAZN Total is €24.99 per month if you prefer to keep the flexibility offered by a monthly subscription, or €19.99 per month if you choose one annual subscription with installment payment method Month after month.

From August 1, we will inform you about how to contract the different packages depending on your current subscription.

*A total of 175 games per season (5 games over 35 days).

The price difference in the plans

DAZN Essential
The DAZN Essential monthly plan costs 12.99 euros per month. Can be canceled at any time.
The DAZN Essential annual plan costs €129.99 per year, or just €10.80 per month. This means a total saving of 25.89 euros per year.

The DAZN LaLiga monthly package costs 18.99 euros per month.
The annual plan for DAZN LaLiga is not available.

Total DAZN
The DAZN Total monthly plan costs 24.99 euros per month. It can be canceled at any time.
New customers who sign up through the DAZN website or app can also purchase an annual plan (monthly payment) for €19.99 per month (€239.99 per year). This represents a total saving of €60 per year.
If you already have the DAZN Essential plan, you can also subscribe to an annual plan (pay in advance) which costs €239.88 per year.

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