CPU-Z reached version 2.0.1, and with it, preliminary support for next-gen hardware such as CPUs and APUs AMD Ryzen 7000In addition to processors Intel Raptor Lake. Additionally, the new dedicated Intel Arc graphics or the recently launched Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti are included.

CPU-Z 2.0.1 – Changelog

  • Glenfly Arise-GT10C0 graphics card.
  • Intel Core i9-12900T, Core i5-12600T (35W).
  • Intel Atom x6427FE, x6425RE, x6425E, x6414RE, x6413E, x6212RE, x6211E, x6200FE (Elkhart Lake, FCBGA1493).
  • Intel Pentium J6425, N6415 (Elkhart Lake, FCBGA1493).
  • Intel Celeron J6413, N6211 (Elkhart Lake, FCBGA1493).
  • Preliminary support for Intel ARC 3/5/7 (DG2).
  • Preliminary support for Intel Raptor Lake (13th Gen).
  • AMD Ryzen 7 5700X, Ryzen 5 5600/5500.
  • AMD Ryzen 3 5300GE, Ryzen 3 PRO 5350GE, Ryzen 5 PRO 5650GE, Ryzen 7 PRO 5750GE (C├ęzanne).
  • AMD Ryzen 9 6980HX, 6900HX, Ryzen 7 6800H, Ryzen 5 6600H (45W).
  • AMD Ryzen 9 6980HS, 6900HS, Ryzen 7 6800HS, Ryzen 5 6600HS (35W).
  • AMD Ryzen 7 6800U, Ryzen 5 6600U (15-28W).
  • AMD Ryzen 7 5825U, Ryzen 5 5625U, Ryzen 3 5425U (15W).
  • AMD Rembrandt & Raphael (RDNA2) APUs.
  • AMD Mendocino APUs (Zen2 + RDNA2).
  • AMD Radeon RX 6850M XT graphics card (NAVI22).
  • AMD RX 6800S, RX 6700S, RX 6650M, RX 6650M XT GPU (NAVI23).
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti graphics card (GA102-350, 450W).
  • Improved accuracy of information when Core Isolation is enabled.
  • The validation process for high-frequency (>6 GHz) submissions has been improved.

AMD Ryzen 7000 vs. Intel Raptor Lake

Obviously, what interests us the most is the support for new processors from AMD and Intel, and this only indicates that we are getting closer to the leak of information of great relevance, such as the performance of the new AMD Zen4 architectureand if the improved version of Alder Lake will be able to stand up to it.

AMD Ryzen 7000 vs. Intel Raptor Lake
Model raphael Raptor Lake-S
Launch Q3 2022? Q3 2022
Lithography 5nm (TSMC) Intel 7 (10nm Enhanced SuperFin)
microarchitecture Zen4 Anse Raptor + Gracemont
GPU Architecture RDNA2 Gen12.2
Number of cores up to 16 up to 24 (8x P-Core + 16x E-Core)
Plug AM5 (LGA1718) LGA1700
Freq. Max 5.00GHz? 5.80GHz?
PDT 170W 300W?
RAM memory DDR5@5200MHz DDR4/DDR5@5600MHz
PCIe lanes x28 PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0 x20?
Series AMD Ryzen 7000 13th Generation Intel Core
chipsets amd 600 Intel 700