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Corsair launches its VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 @ 6600 MHz CL32 memories

Corsair announced the launch of its new high-end DDR5 RAM, and these are the REVENGE RGB DDR5 at a speed of 6600MHz. The most interesting thing is not the speed, but the combination of that with low latencies for the type of memory they are, since we are talking about latencies CL32-39-39-76 related to operation with a voltage of 1.40v.

For the rest they are visually the same as the rest of the models in the series, so we are talking about an aluminum heatsink of your choice in black or white with a generous diffuser in the upper part that hides 10 RGB LEDs configurable through iCUE software or directly from your motherboard software.

Corsair VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 @ 6600MHz CL32

“Like all Corsair DDR5 memory, VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 modules are made with only hand-selected memory chips that are carefully tested to ensure consistent high frequencies, and high-performance PCBs for maximum reliability. Excellent quality and stability of the signal.

These chips are cooled by a strong and sleek aluminum heatsink that efficiently draws heat away from the memory while complementing your system’s modern aesthetic. A limited lifetime warranty assures you that your new memory will last the life of your PC and future upgrades.”

Unfortunately, the Corsair VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 @ 6600MHz CL32 have been listed on the manufacturer’s website in a single configuration of 32 GB capacity (2x 16 GB) and without having the marked price. For reference, the DDR5 @ 6400 MHz CL38 are priced at 354.99 euros, which is an additional cost of 40 euros compared to the 6000 MHz CL36, so this kit will come close without problem at 400 euros.

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