colored did what we thought was impossible, which was to launch an even slower GeForce GT 1010 GPU than the original model, and that is that the company has replaced DDR5 memory with DDR4an already slower memory, and which also reduced the frequencies of the graphics chip, dropping the power consumption of this GPU from 30 to 20W.

In this way the Colorful GeForce GT 1010 uses the Pascal GP108 @ 14nm graphics chip composed of 256 CUDA cores at a base Turbo frequency of 1151MHz and turbocharger 1379MHz (vs 1228/1468 MHz) next to 2 GB of 2.1 Gbps DDR4 memory (vs GDDR5 @ 6 Gbps) with a 64-bit memory interface and a PCI-Express 3.0 x4 interface resulting in this TDP of 20W and providing access to two video outputs in the form of HDMI.

GeForce GT 1030 DDR4 colored

Obviously this GPU is useless for gaming. If the original model was already 29.3% slower than a GeForce GT 1030, which moves Fortnite in medium quality to 60 FPS, because this new variant if it manages to give you 30 FPS, thank you. If we think about desktop use, it will serve the same purpose as an integrated graphics card, so we really see no reason to buy it beyond the fact that you had a problem with your GPU, your CPU doesn’t has no integrated graphics card, and you urgently need an “affordable” GPU to continue using the PC until the GPU is fixed or to save up to buy a real GPU.

via: video cardz