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Chipmakers get record revenues, no crisis?

Prices around the world Material they are getting more expensive, there have been many causes and virtually all have increased prices. This, combined with an increase in request in the time of COVID-19, have enabled semiconductor companies to obtain Income registration. And it is that, in the first quarter of 2022there were profits of almost $40 billionwith wonder on your mind

Once again we have a report from Trendforce, IT industry analysts, which showed us the total revenue of the ten companies main semiconductors. Together, they have achieved the not inconsiderable number of 39.43 billion dollars in the first quarter of this year. This supposes a 44% more than semiconductor revenue for the year 2021while there is a change in the positions of the listed companies.

Top 10 semiconductor revenue: AMD overtakes NVIDIA in annual growth

TrenForce Semiconductor Revenue 2022

By analyzing the table, we have information on the semiconductor revenues obtained in 2021 versus 2022, seeing abysmal growth in almost all of them. Starting at the bottom, we see Cirrus Logic and Will Semiconductor move up to the bottom 2 spots. Although they are little known, it is worth noting the incredible growth of a 67% from CirrusLogicspecialist in analog-digital integrated circuits.

Climbing a step higher, we find Realtekwell known among us as the one who usually brings the sound built into our motherboards. East “blue crab“or that’s how many identify the brand, it enjoyed an increase of one 27% compared to 2021. A higher number than we have Novatekspecialist in drivers for monitors, with growth of 38%.

Let’s take a quick tour of wonderto say that it was the company with the strongest growth, a 72% more and climbing three positions. Just above we find Mediatekwith a 32%known for its processors for smartphones, such as the Rating 1200.

AMD grows by 71%, NVIDIA by 53%, but what is the total turnover?

AMD VS NVIDIA revenue 2022

After Mediatek, let’s move on to what really interests us, AMD and its incredible growth of 71% more revenue since last year. This places her in fourth placewith a total number of 5,887 million dollars against 3,445 million in 2021. Thanks to this, it managed to overtake Mediatek and a large part of its Hit was to have shown that his architecture Zen Yes RDNA they are able to compete.

But even with that, it is far from surpassing Nvidia in terms of amount of income. The latter, with a total income of 7,904 million dollars, it would be in position 2 above largecom. All this, with a growth of 53%something impressive considering that the profit figure for 2021 was already $5,173 million.

That is, NVIDIA in 2021 got higher earnings this and in 2022whereas if we compare the two in the same year, we have an advantage of 34% in favor of NVIDIA. We will now mention the Chief revenues in the first quarter of the year, and that would be Qualcommthe famous manufacturer of processors Snapdragon for mobile. This got $9.548 million, a 52% more than in 2021, where he was also in the lead.

After finalizing the analysis, we can only mention that we hope that This year the tables can turn. With a new generation of chart right around the corner from AMD and NVIDIA, the fight will be fierce over who gets the most out of it. On the other hand, in the processor sector, AMD promises to give a lot of war with its new architecture Zen 4to compete with Intel.

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