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Chinese GPU at 5nm which consumes less than 15W

chinese society Innosilicon launches its first series of GPUsIt’s known as Fantasy iwho were able to reach 10 TFLOPs power FP32 with a consumption of only 50W. Now its successor, the GPU Innosilicon Fantasy II, stands out for being a model with very low consumption. It would reach 1.5 TFLOPs of power but consume between 4 and 15 watts of energy.

The Chinese presence in the GPU market is growing, thanks to companies like Innosilicon. He has already announced his Innosilicon Fantasy II with up to 16 GB by heart GDDR6X last year, comparing them to a NVIDIA RTX-3070. However, we already know what is happening in Chinese territory and that is that they do not see the light in Western territory. Even within the country, it’s hard to see reviews, so we can’t confirm if they’re really that strong. Meanwhile, the new Innosilicon Fantasy II will not have such power, but if a minimal power consumption.

Innosilicon Fantasy II GPU China Low Power

The Innosilicon Fantasy II has already been officially presented

The manufacturer Innosilicon presents to all its new model of graphics card corresponding to the second generation of its Fantasy GPUs. This surprisingly fails to offer a great performance in exchange for consuming a lot, such as GPUs amd Yes Nvidia, otherwise the opposite. Thus, we have among us a graph intended for desktop applications, servers, clouds and even the metaverse.

The Innosilicon Fantasy II is based on the graphical architecture of Imagination Technologies and is made with a knot of 5nm “latest generation”, according to the manufacturer. With this, it manages to obtain a performance of 1.5 TFLOPs in FP32 with a consumption that does not exceed 15W. However, it also comes with an old vga port for monitors that can be considered obsolete in almost all areas. As for your full specs of the Innosilicon Fantasy II:

  • PCIe 3.0 x8 interface
  • 48 Gpixel/s
  • 1.5 TFLOPS FP32
  • memory capacity of 2GB/4GB/8GB
  • Choice of memory type LPDDR4, LPDDR4X, LPDDR5, LPDDR5X; with a speed of up to 10 Gbps
  • Memory bandwidth up to 102.4 GB/s
  • Energy consumption between 4W and 15W (cTDP)
  • 12.5 TOPS for INT8
  • 1×DisplayPort
  • 2×HDMI 2.0
  • 1×VGA

The low-power GPU was tested in an OpenGL benchmark

Innosilicon Fantasy I GPU

Apparently not everything stays in a presentation event of the graph itself and nothing more, but we also have performance tests. So we have the reference glmark2which is based on OpenGL 2.0 Yes EN 2.0. Here, the Innosilicon Fantasy II scored over 6,500 points in this mark. However, they don’t say which version was used, and they don’t get any more details about it. Yet if we look at the scores from this benchmark, the NVIDIA GTX 1030 arrive at 7,200 stitches and the AMD RX550 stay in the 6,700 stitches.

We can therefore say that its performance is between the RX 550 (50W TDP) and the GTX 1030 (30W), at best, but consuming much less energy. That said, the Innosilicon Fantasy II and I are compatible with the Windows and API direct x 11. In fact, in the presentation, he showed games like League of Legends. But that’s not its forte, as Innosilicon claims to support multiple AI and is optimal for scientific computing. In addition, it has a security core poof not clonable and RISC-V Incorporated. Undoubtedly, a curious graphics card that catches our eye for being the first Chinese 5nm GPU to hit the market.

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