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China will stop using US and EU PCs and laptops in 2024

Unlike the United States and Europe, the Asian giant learns from its mistakes and what it has experienced with Huawei, as well as the boycott and blockade of these countries with Russia, led it to make a decision drastic and possibly impossible: China will happen PCs or laptops foreign half-way 2024. Can they get it?

The restrictions imposed by China on the import of foreign technologies are experiencing a new episode. As we say, according to Bloomberg reports, the Chinese Communist Party is going to force its companies to the biggest through an ordinance that has already been signed to give companies a two-year term and thus systematically replace at least 50 million PCs.

China’s regulations to stop using PCs and laptops in 2024 are in the fine print


But this figure is really very low considering the volume of PCs and laptops that said country has, and the fact is that the regulations have very specific specifications, since they are not aimed at all companies in the country, but to government agencies and companies that are or are considered Stateor supported by the state.

There are three main reasons for this:

  • The Chinese want foreign economy shield leaving import money in their own country and not buying abroad.
  • Does not want to depend on foreign technologies or productsat least in large part.
  • want to strengthen the government security in all its agencies and commercial entities.

And it’s not worth that these same PCs and laptops are manufactured at their borders, since the origin of the technology used comes from the United States or the EU. The targets appear to be Dell and HP, which would be replaced by lenovo long-term or by other companies such as Inspur, Founder, Tsinghua Tonglang.

This has another related metric and that is that not only are you giving your companies more work, but other industry partners would stop manufacturing for rival companies. Here Foxconn would come into play, which works with all and is one of the largest manufacturers and assemblers.

That said, this poses another existential question for China, how will it not be dependent on technologies from Intel, AMD or NVIDIA? It has already been tried 2019 and although the government is now much stricter, in reality it still depends on the big three. Therefore, there are rumors that China has developed various chips of low, medium and high power to replace the ecosystems of foreign manufacturers. Will he get it?

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