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China will have a Minority Report-style crime prevention system

If you like sci-fi movies, you probably remember Minority Report, where in 2002 Tom Cruise played the role of a policeman from a private security agency. preventive crime prevention. We don’t want to spoil you in case you haven’t seen it, but the film challenges certain values, beliefs and above all: the system itself. Well, China is already working for its own minority reporting system, this time with no science fiction involved.

The most monitored and controlled country in the world is undoubtedly China. It is estimated that more than half of the world’s cameras are behind its borders, to the point that its monetary system is described by intelligence services as surveillance economyand from what we’re about to see, they may be quite right.

Maximum control of its citizens and tourists thanks to facial recognition


Chinese police reportedly have a database of more than 2.5 billion recorded facial images of citizens and touristswhere the objective is going to be very simple, if it hasn’t already been done: to create an AI-based software where each person can be linked to all their digital accounts to access social networks or similar in real time to track movements and daily activities if such an individual is suspected.

must analyze the data collected from them, detect trends and possible problemsso that at the end of an estimated result in percentage on the fact that it can produce a crime or simply protest. For this, it will also take into account race, biometric data, criminal record or mental illness, and this is only what is stipulated for the gallery as such.

This data and these percentages will be sent directly to the nearest police and everything will be monitored by the cameras that are installed everywhere, making this system much more advanced than what has been seen in the Film Minority Report. Seeing is believing some will think…

China offers jobs to companies willing to supply technology to Minority Report

Minority report

It’s one thing to collect real-time camera data and quite another to make it happen. For this reason, China has launched an offer for any company that wishes to provide and create the technology necessary for a pioneering and ultra-advanced surveillance system that forms the whole path that the country has already traveled and compiled.

In other words, only the hardware remains that makes it possible through specific software, since the data continues to be collected every second by the cameras. In short, it is about creating a system that, thanks to stored data and parameters, can create a profile of each user through an automatism that predict the possible actions of a criminal before having the opportunity to act on the spur of the moment and thus notify the police.

It may be that if they manage to create this system, the movie Minority Report would only be the prequel to what is to come, since since the average Chinese citizen trusts their government and thinks it watches over them, they is more than likely that they will not take a dim view that such a system helps plan robbery, rape or terrorist attacks… Fear as a weapon used against yourself, but like in the Tom Cruise movie, how can they judge you for something you didn’t do? In addition, What hardware will they need to calculate so much data in real time? Is it possible to do this with the thousands of current supercomputers? Too many questions, too few answers…

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