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China creates world’s fastest mobile and portable memory

Today there are two fundamental problems in any device or system. The first is latency, an eternal fight against it that seems to last until the end of time. The second, on the other hand, is more affordable to solve and is memory related. With this in mind, China through its “public” society Innosilicon introduced the world’s fastest mobile and portable RAM to date: 10Gbps LPDDR5X, LPDDR5 and DDR5.

The whole industry is turning to DDR5 and LPDDR5, LPDDR5X RAM. The IPs are constantly evolving, the performance improvement is more than significant for the same channels, and therefore, we will try to boost the performance of any chip thanks to its double channel per module and, of course, its speed higher and its latency lower. . But Innosilicon goes even further with China in the background.

From LPDDR5, LPDDR5X or DDR5 for mobiles, laptops, cars or AI


New chapter between China and the West covered by technology, with public funds between the two and a company (Innosilicon) that is beginning to scare, very scare the big global companies in this sector.

The living sample is what is presented here and now, as Innosilicon as such is the first company in the world to achieve a total design IP for LPDDR5, LPDDR5X and DDR5 which has already enabled mass production verification. But they do not stop there, which is already an important advance in itself, but they do it by saying and showing the first chip capable of reaching a speed of 10 Gbps in all the IP formats described. It means a 17% faster than the best current modules and a 15% less latency for the system as IP.

But there is more, since this fact and speed is going to be achieved in different production nodes such as 5nm and 7nm or 12nm and 14nmkeys for the different segments of the market, which is really impressive if you take into account the different characteristics between them, at least, overwhelming.

16 years of research and development that are now bearing fruit


We will name the companies or brands that are already under the Innosilicon umbrella around the world: Amazon, AMD, Microsoft, Qualcomm, AXA, ZTE, Rockchip, Allwinner and a few others. Therefore, and after almost two decades of development, when the company makes an announcement like this, it is really serious about going into the global market.

Another detail of this is the fact that Innosilicon includes with its LPDDR5, LPDDR5X or DDR5 chips a solution like complete PHY package and a controllerwhich means that assemblers and manufacturers of DRAM modules have less development time and less research costs, essentially because they entrust the work carried out in this aspect to them and are not dependent on any third party.


When we say that China is scary, it’s because it is really taking giant steps, to the point that its first competitive GPU for gaming includes memory GDDR6X, the only one with NVIDIA to implement this technology. What happens in the next few years will determine the future of the world of memory and its annexes, such as AI, automotive, etc. And logically, Innosilicon is bidding very hard against Samsung, Micron and company, doing things very well.

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