According to a video game industry analyst Daniel AhmedChina has always required games to be officially licensed before they can be distributed or streamed in the country, but it has rarely enforced this latest ban. This behavior has enabled games like Ring of Eldena title that is not officially approved for sale in China, find a substantial audience on platforms like run awaythe local Twitch, so now the government has taken the ban much more seriously to prevent the streaming of any game that has not been expressly approved by them.

Video games in China

“What this means in practice is that unless your game is approved by the National Radio and Television Administration, it will be very difficult to gain exposure through live streaming, short videos, advertisements or other platforms and channels,” Ahmad says.

Daniel notes that FromSoftware’s latest game gained about 17 million daily viewers racked up in its first week of release, but of course now it’s been reminded that in addition to limits on game content that can be streamed on domestic platforms, it also asks streamers to avoid aesthetics”traffic oriented“and other behaviors”unwanted“, and to interact with viewers in an online environment”civilized and sane“.