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China and Taiwan steal talent from Spain for their chip factories

Companies are at an important crossroads, mainly because what normally limits them is money for investment and growth, which is not the case now. The whole West is fighting to bring TSMC, Samsung, or Intel more of the same to their knees, but none of the three have something crucial in the equation: workers. And this is partly due to China and Taiwan and partly for not managing well the workers they already had, where they fill vacancies Spain and Italy.

The truth is that China is hoarding, from a well-filled portfolio, the talent that is formed outside its borders. The latest “acquisition” is the industry veteran yukio sakamoto74 years old, who was an executive and former director of Memory of Elpida, already off. But all this goes much further.

Taiwan and TSMC are already “recruiting” their university students


It’s true, if you want a guaranteed job, with a good salary and of course with the possibility of going up or changing companies for more money, semiconductors and their related industry are undoubtedly the coming. The problem of workers is of such magnitude that Taiwan is fighting with China to retain the talents coming out of its universities.

It goes so far as university students say they have signed work before finishing their career, but then, how is it possible that there is a lack of manpower? First, neither the United States nor Japan have as many qualified professionals for the volume of vacancies as there currently are. To be more precise, Spain and Italy these are the main sources from which China and Taiwan currently feed, since professionals who leave the two countries are constantly tempted to work in these Asian countries.

The question then is simple, why isn’t this workers’ war taking place between China and Taiwan directly given their population size? Well, it turns out it’s not that simple.

Spain is the birthplace of skilled workers for China and Taiwan

Polytechnic University of Valencia

Big companies are coming to steal European talent for a very simple reason: the clashes in this area between China and Taiwan are at a very critical point, where Taipei has already responded to the transfer of workers between countries with a very strong message: anyone who assists transfer staff will be prosecuted with chip experience in Mainland China.

This is given by China’s plan for 2025, where it wants to double the value of its chip sector, especially in Shenzhen, the so-called Silicon Valley of this country. So, with this open war of talents where the United States and Japan also compete, Spain and Italy are two powers in the offer of highly qualified engineers and techniciansmotivated and eager to work in a leading company.

The psychosis reached such a point that the United States offered certain workers salary increases of 20% up to 45% in the so-called “personnel poaching”. And it is that Intel and Micron, or simply AMD as a designer, need new talent, motivated and eager to learn and there Spain and Italy, as they say, are two world powers where their graduates are drawn in certain sectors.

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