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China already has its first planes powered by homemade GPUs

chinese society Xiangteng Microelectronics announced that, for the first time in history, it will be possible to produce aircraft powered by a chip made in China. In this case, the GPU will be used HKM9000which has passed the aviation industry cockpit display and control system test verification for use in the aircraft C919a 36-meter-long commercial aircraft with a flight range of 4,075 kilometers and a cruising speed of 834 km/h manufactured by the Chinese aerospace company COMACwhich promises to compete with renowned companies such as Airbus and Boeing.

Xiangteng Microelectronics is also proud to say that the HKM9000 GPU contributes to the “Xiangteng Core” solution. the sky.

HKM9000 graphics processor
HKM9000 graphics processor

This GPU was successfully developed in 2020. At present, a complete application development ecosystem has been established, and nearly 20 CPUs, serial operating systems such as Tianmai, Yihui, VxWorks, and graphics applications such as VAPS, iDATA and SCADE have been developed. Software adaptation work; It has overcome many technical problems, such as GPU multi-partition parallel processing required by the new cockpit display and control system, and has been successfully applied to more than 10 users and nearly 20 display products and control in various areas.

cockpit COMAC C919
COMAC C919 airplane cockpit

As we all know, the GPU is the core chip of the display system, involving hundreds of complex processing algorithms, multi-tasking parallel pipeline graphics processing architecture, large-scale high-performance processing circuits, mathematics , computer graphics, computer architecture, microelectronics. , software, etc. Multidisciplinary technology, design, verification, physical implementation and adaptation process of chip application scenarios are extremely complex. Therefore, it took two years to pass all the tests, although they were nothing next to the 14 years of development of the C919.

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