G.Skill announced the launch of a chassis, the MD2an intermediate tower intended for gaming equipment with space for graphics cards of up to 395 mm in length and a premium air-cooled CPU cooler with up to 170 mm high. There is still room to install two 3.5″/2.5″ storage drives next to two 2.5″ drives, all of which will be visible from the outside thanks to a generous 4mm thick.

G.Skill MD2

Although the information provided is very scarce, since we do not even know the dimensions, we at least know that the G.Skill MD2 offers space for a total of 7 fans to be placed between the front, top and back, or the possibility of installing up to two 360 mm radiators to form a high performance water cooling system.

G.Skill MD2 with mounted system

Known information is supplemented with such classic things as, this is a game product, because we have a system of RGB LED lighting on the front that you can configure using software from the motherboard itself, dust filters, an I/O panel with USB ports (they don’t even detail which ones), and in regarding the price, it might be around 80 euroalthough the white model will be slightly more expensive.